1. dsp-stanky

    Pixel Art 0.0.4

    An effect filter to add retro-inspired aesthetics to any source! Usage Right click any source (image, video, etc), and select `Filters` In the filters menu, press the `+` button to add a new filter Select `Pixel Art` Play with settings to your hearts content! The `Dithering` section will...
  2. A

    Pixel/Blur when recording... need help !

    Hello everybody ! I have been looking for a solution with other forum and youtube video. But nothing worked so Im now asking for help. When i record i have pixel/blur : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U2HQkBFy8zDxPIqbqyCrPE3gKp1emAWI/view?usp=sharing We can see it the most around letter on the...
  3. F

    German Support. Schnellen Bewegungen -> verpixelt

    Einen wunderschönen, Keine Ahnung wie lange ich schon probiere dieses Problem zu fixen.. Folgendes: Ich streame sogut wie nur GTA V. Im Stand ist auch alles schön und gut aber bei schnellen Bewegungen (grade beim Fahren) wird der Stream extrem verpixelt was mich persönlich sehr stört. An einer...
  4. allan.kg

    Okay, I need help :/ ... amdgpu-pro pixelation

    I'm having this problem : (pixelated, unreadable) The XSHM method works well, but the problem is that I don't want to capture the entire screen. If there was a way of capturing only a window by the XSHM method it would be awesome. But I really can't use it as it is (full screen), there are...
  5. dankoooo:)

    400MB Internet, RTX 3060ti, Xbox Series,Capture card

    Hello :) I've been trying to start streaming for almost a month, but the problem is quality. I got pixels immediately when moving faster. I don't know how to get rid of it. I can easily have 100k bitrate, but nothing will change anyway. At 30fps, it sometimes works normally, but not always...
  6. M

    Verpixeltes Bild nach Remux zu MP4... Hilfe!

    Hallo, wenn ich den Quicksync H.264 Encoder verwende und die aufgenommenen aufnahmen im Anschluss per Remux in mp4 umwandel entsteht bei Bewegung ein verpixeltes Bild. Nicht das ganze Bild sondern nur an einigen Stellen aber sehr stark zu sehen. Wenn ich dann den Software Encoder x264 verwende...
  7. I

    Pixel detection / Filter switcher

    I am looking / would love to see a plugin that watches pixels in game and can trigger filters/scenes depending on if the pixel changes or not. I have seen one sort of modified OBS that is a similar idea but its super buggy and doesn't work right. Bummer. Any suggestions?
  8. S


    hello i was here before asking why my 1080p 60fps stream looked really pixley when I had max settings on obs, 1000 down and 30up internet and 1080ti i7-8700k and i was told to switch to 720p 60fps and it is still pixley and ugly HOW DO I FIX ive been dealing with this for so long I want to...
  9. L

    720p Is So Low Quality when I Try Recording?

    Hello, when i record with 1920x1080, quality is fine but, my computer works so slow, and then it's hard to edit. 1920x1080 is my monitor. I want to try to record 1280x720, but then the quality is really so bad, I don't know what's the issue. I tried playing with CBR but it didn't help My...
  10. M

    Question / Help Stream is pixelated when moving too much. Recommended bitrate/settings?

    Hey, So I've been streaming for a little while now, and I've noticed that my stream and webcam can get pretty pixelated when moving in more graphic intensive games. I'm not sure if its the settings I currently have for OBS or my computer specs is the problem. Attached here are my current...
  11. I

    Question / Help Why does my stream and recordings get fuzzy/pixelated?

    I'm having a weird and what i believe to be a very complicated issue happening to me. My pc specs include: 32gb of ram, rtx 2080, ryzen 7 3700x running windows 10 64bit. My internet speed is 350mbs down 23mbs up. I have tried literally every setting and every setting combination in obs, on both...