1. J

    What happened to the Pause button in ver. 30.1.0 (64 bit)?

    I confess to being a brand new newbie. The version prior to the latest update had a pause button for recordings. What happened to the Pause button in ver. 30.1.0 (64 bit)?
  2. B

    Only 13% of .mkv recording saved

    Here is the link to my log file: I was recording about 2 hours of content (from 9pm to about 11pm) in .mkv format. I paused and unpaused twice during this and everything looked like it was recording fine, red dot and all. Once I finally hit stop...
  3. Z

    OBS Would Not Stop Recording, Had to Force quit, Did I lose my Hour Long Recording for good?

    I was recording a reaction video for youtube on OBS version 28.0.3 for Windows. I think I paused the recording around the 2:20 mark because I was messing around with the video player I was using. I then proceeded to record an hour longer without trying to pause or stop recording. I noticed when...
  4. insider22

    OBS Pause/Unpause No Longer Working v 28.0.1

    When I click the "Pause" icon during a recording and then unpause it again OBS stops recording but does not fully crash. I can then record again. However I can no longer pause recordings which for me is a no go. Error message: Encoder NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (FFmpeg) is taking too long to encode...
  5. A

    Better, larger indications for recording & pausing, either in the footer or somewhere else...

    I use OBS for a multi-camera video recording solution for my tutorials -- however it is so hard to see that little tiny icon at the bottom that tells you if you're recording , paused or not recording. I've seen some basic solutions for Recording/Not recording... but nothing that really works...
  6. Z

    Problems to Stream games on steam

    Well, I stream the binding of isaac on twitch, but I'm not getting it anymore, I use OBS, and an app to see the chat called Twitch Chat Overlay, but when I open Isaac, the chat disappears, and in the live the game is paused, and it only continues after I open another app, or go to the desktop...
  7. AyRatul

    OBS Python OBS Basic Jumpcut 0.0.1

    Since i do jumpcuts on postproduction, and it takes me1 hour at least, i decided to make a simple script that i could configure to record videos with jumpcuts ¿How does it work? Enabled = if true then the script will work WHEN OBS IS RECORDING, you need to manually start/stop the recording...
  8. S

    How to pause/unpause WHILE OBS is recording in the background

    Hi, I used to be able to do this before I reinstalled Windows 10 but I forgot how. Basically I'm making artwork in an art program and my OBS records the screen while in the background. But I want to be able to pause it while I have my painting software in the foreground, using the Hotkeys I have...
  9. alexdubovyck

    Pause video recording while silence detected

    Hi, today i post an idea to add some feature in future releases obs. Idea sounds like that: 1 step - we press record button. 2 step - If sound level greater >= than ..x.. dB then it`s continue to recording. 3 step - if sound level less <= than ..x.. dB then it`s pauses our recording. *it`s the...
  10. G

    OBS paused local recording randomly (Stream continued though)

    Without me switching scenes or doing anything out of the ordinary, OBS just paused my local recording for no reason. I do not have this on a hotkey or anything, and the stream continued meanwhile. Any ideas why this happened? Please find the log file attached (timestamp is 19:50:22.738: output...
  11. P

    Question / Help File Causes Lag on video editing software

    So I have started my YouTube Channel experience journey and I need some help understanding why it caused the lag and so... first off here's my spec. MacBook Air (13-Inch, 2017) Processor 1.8 Ghz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 Memory: 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB So I...
  12. K

    Pause in Elgato Stream Deck

    Hey, I really would like to see the new pause feature introduced in 24.0 OBS Studio in Elgato Stream Deck. Thanks!
  13. J

    Question / Help How to change time on MP4 video that is being streamed? (change playback point)

    Hi When I stream an MP4 video, I can not figure out how to change the time on the video, meaning how do I fast forward or rewind the MP4 video to a different part of the video? Also how do I pause the video as well? Thanks
  14. J

    Question / Help Shuttering and Lag when recording

    Hi, So the last 6 months I've moved from Action! to OBS for recording games to my Youtube channel. It has been working flawlessly but in the past couple of months OBS just hasn't been working. It started out with just recording a still image with flawless audio in the background to now recording...