Pause video recording while silence detected


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Hi, today i post an idea to add some feature in future releases obs.
Idea sounds like that:

1 step - we press record button.
2 step - If sound level greater >= than ..x.. dB then it`s continue to recording.
3 step - if sound level less <= than ..x.. dB then it`s pauses our recording.
*it`s the same as filters - compressor but including function to pause\unpause.

Everything is simple!
Due to that. If we record some long stream for e.g. 3+ hours. If we use this method (or plugin, or script) we get only 15-45 minutes of video, without silence. Because it will be automatically cutted. Moments with silence simly just not recorded. And no need to do it yourself manually in Sony Vegas (its boring).

Maybe forum topics are already contains such things. If yes. Plz le me know.

I have researched a lot on the interned. And i found this things that do autimatically jumpcut manually:

Time bolt - site
Vegas vegasaur - plugin
AutoJumpCut 1.0 - programm
After effect - script
Py autojumpcut - python ffmpeg script


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It's not exactly what you want but this was hard to find and did help me some. Maybe you will find it useful to:
Using ffmpeg command-line tool you can remove "no action" frames (just based on frames, not audio):