1. alexdubovyck

    Pause video recording while silence detected

    Hi, today i post an idea to add some feature in future releases obs. Idea sounds like that: 1 step - we press record button. 2 step - If sound level greater >= than ..x.. dB then it`s continue to recording. 3 step - if sound level less <= than ..x.. dB then it`s pauses our recording. *it`s the...
  2. B

    Question / Help OBS studio detects only main display panel

    There is no black screen with other panel. It simple detects only 1 panel which is selected as main monitor. I have tried all advises here from forum including. I have also selected preferred graphic adapter the integrated one, but still does not help. What is funny that previous product OBS...
  3. GermanLetsPlay

    Question / Help Weird Microphone "Bug"

    Hey I got a new preamp, ( which it seems like, OBS cannot detect. I had a similiar problem with TS, which I managed to fix through changing my sound to "direct sound". But I cannot find any method for OBS, so that it detects my...