1. K

    Does not detect all my 6 monitors, but only 2.

    I have 3 graphic cards that have 2 monitors each connected, but the program only detects 2 of 6 monitors.
  2. alexdubovyck

    Pause video recording while silence detected

    Hi, today i post an idea to add some feature in future releases obs. Idea sounds like that: 1 step - we press record button. 2 step - If sound level greater >= than ..x.. dB then it`s continue to recording. 3 step - if sound level less <= than ..x.. dB then it`s pauses our recording. *it`s the...
  3. B

    OBS can't detect my running game

    I'm trying to set up OBS to stream a game, but when I open the game OBS can't detect it. I know that I need to do the window capture to capture the game itself because syphon can't detect it, but when I open its properties and the game is running, it detects everything but the game itself. Is...
  4. Doomer

    Question / Help There is any way to reduce Desktop Audio when we have Mix/Aux audio detected?

    I would like to reduce Desktop Audio captured automatically when OBS detect Mix/Aux sound, and reverse to previous level on Desktop Audio when Mic/Aux does not have sound detected, is it possible? Thanks a lot and regards