OBS Pause/Unpause No Longer Working v 28.0.1


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When I click the "Pause" icon during a recording and then unpause it again OBS stops recording but does not fully crash. I can then record again. However I can no longer pause recordings which for me is a no go.


Error message:
Encoder NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (FFmpeg) is taking too long to encode (timeout: 5 seconds)


Here is my log file URL:


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Technically, you can still pause your recording. You just can't do it for longer than 5 seconds. You're welcome!

Seriously, though, I had this same problem. (I guess pauses now figure into encoding timeouts which seems to be a bug.) I did find a work-around though. Change your Encoder setting for your recording to use Software instead of the hardware encoding you currently have selected. For whatever reason, the software encoding doesn't seem to have the same timeout restrictions and mitigates the pause issue. It might not be ideal for your purposes, but it should at least let you get around the problem until they patch the bug.



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It seems the issue is somehow related to the "ffmpeg" variant of the nvenc encoder. This variant is used, if you set a different color format than NV12 or if you activate the "rescale output" setting in output->Recording.

As workaround until some fix is released, make sure you use nv12 and no rescale output with nvenc, or don't use nvenc as encoder.
Using nv12 and not using rescale in the encoder settings but instead in Settings->Video->Output resolution is best practice anyway, so this might be a reason to return to the default configuration.


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Ya valid point. I moved the encoder to quicksync and the pause now works but it came at a small expensive of quality. Nothing major but slightly noticable when restarting video it's not as quick to go max quality.

Cheers for the response!