obs 28.0.1

  1. T

    Game Audio And Desktop Audio

    My game audio is playing through both tracks and is making my sound doubled on stream. When i tried to do my own research, people would say to have "desktop audio" and "desktop audio 2" disabled but still nothing works. If i disable my "desktop audio, i cant hear my alerts. How would i stop my...
  2. M

    application audio capture does not appear

    Hello everybody, i'm trying to capture audio of different windows separately. i tried with the win capture audio plugin but it doesn't work so i found this native function of obs (application audio capture (beta)) but it's not there in the choice of sources. does anyone know how to make it...
  3. D

    Manage Broadcast Shrink Issue.

    What's up everyone. Not sure how this works its my first time posting on a form, so please be patient. My problem is that when I go to manage my broadcast the button at the bottom to accept the new settings and schedule the stream is lower than my screen to the point that I cant see it. I don't...
  4. R

    The OBS Studio 28.0.1 are without the Custom Browser Docks in Ubuntu 22.04.

    I installed OBS Studio through the Ubuntu repository (via apt) and downloaded version 28.0.1 of OBS, but the "Custom Browser Docks" option does not appear in the OBS tabs. Can someone help me? I need to use the animated lower thirds plugin in OBS, but without the Custom Browser Docks...
  5. insider22

    OBS Pause/Unpause No Longer Working v 28.0.1

    When I click the "Pause" icon during a recording and then unpause it again OBS stops recording but does not fully crash. I can then record again. However I can no longer pause recordings which for me is a no go. Error message: Encoder NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (FFmpeg) is taking too long to encode...
  6. I

    OBS saying Video Card Driver not supporting NVENC H.264, Function Not Implemented

    Hello there, I've been using OBS on this PC for several months, and no problems have ever come up. However, I recently had to reset my PC to fix an error, deleting all the apps including OBS. I reinstalled OBS after and used the exact same settings as I did before, encoding with H.264 on Window...
  7. K

    Streaming Issue. Log Attached.

    OBS Showing red in bottom right corner. Thinking it may be related to a network issue but unsure. Info posted below along with OBS Log and Twitch bandwidth test. Specs Processor 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-11400 @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz Installed RAM 32.0 GB (31.7 GB usable) GPU...
  8. PixelsToPaper

    Streaming to Discord with OBS v28.0.1 Issues

    I just updated to v28 today. Before the update, I would use the Windowed Projector (Scene) to stream my Switch game to my Discord server VC. Now when I do this, my server can hear my game but no video animations on the screen. Just a still frame of whatever the screen was when i opened the...
  9. U

    camera resseting obs 28.0.1

    Only Video Proc Amp save but Camera Control isn't saving. https://obsproject.com/logs/6tmfxBZMPM-k0ys1