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  1. H

    Question / Help Whenever I open OBS, my mic stops working!

    Hi, So I just tried to get back on OBS today to record some stuff as I wanna get back into YouTube. For some reason, whenever I launch OBS, my mic stops picking up any sort of noise into my PC, and even in the audio settings it shows that there is no input, but when I close OBS, my mic starts...
  2. R

    Question / Help VPN (Virtual Private Network) Split-Tunneling not working on OBS Studio!

    Hello, So I've tried streaming on Twitch by playing a game that I can only play on a server using a VPN to bypass the region lock, and to get better pings, but the VPN I'm using is ExpressVPN and it has the "Split-Tunneling" feature which isolates or excludes one program/app from using the VPN...
  3. D

    Bug Report OBS Studio not using my Full Upload Speed!

    I was using the same settings of my stream for a Year and had no problems that i could't fix. My Internet speed is 100/10 Mbs After last weekend my OBS won't stream above 3000 kb/s and often drops to 0 kb/s (I am streaming mostly on YOutube with 7000 kb/s with no problem until now) I am using...
  4. K

    Question / Help Display capture black after something went fullscreen

    I started up OBS Studio and the display capture for my main monitor worked. but after i did preview mode for sony vegas (that is full screen) my main monitor does not show up anymore and i have no idea how i can fix this
  5. T

    Question / Help obs studio crashing games while streaming. only seems to crash when i click on obs?

    if you guys could maybe help me in anyway that would be fantastic. i can run obs all day while streaming perfectly, but for some reason when i minimize my game and i click anywhere on obs ( on my second monitor ) it crashes my game every time. i'm not sure if these logs will show anything...
  6. S

    Question / Help PC freezing every couple of seconds when OBS Studio is open

    Starting today, whenever my OBS Studio is open, every few seconds my PC freeze (for about a second or so). This wasn't happening two days ago when I last opened OBS Studio since then I believe I may have had a windows update, and a Nvidia graphics driver update. This happens without even hitting...
  7. T

    Question / Help LAG when streaming Fortnite

    Hey, I really want to start streaming on youtube. I bought a brand new GTX 1060 6GB, games are running 144 fps on high settings w/out streaming.(stream on= low settings in-game for me) When I do start streaming, the game is lagging like crazy. I'm talkin 20-30 fps tops when I stream with cpu...
  8. Ihsan Tanis

    Question / Help OBS Sli GPU

    Hello! First of all, sorry for my bad english, i will try my best. I wanna stream on single setup, and i have 2 x 1080 and i have 2 x 240hz monitor with single display port on each GPU. My setup is like this [Left monitor] --------- [Straight monitor] Straight monitor is that one i use for...
  9. A

    Question / Help Problem when transmitting directly with the obs

    Hello I have had a problem with the obs studio, it does not let me transmit, it tells me to check the transmission server or that a firewall is blocked. Testing: http://prntscr.com/ip2ek4 I have tried to deactivate all the antivirus and firewall and change the transmission code but the same...
  10. M

    Question / Help OBS Studio Low-End Laptop Streaming Best settings?

    Hi so i'm running a Samsung Gamer Series 7 (Pictures on the bottom.) and i wonder what the best settings for my Stream is? currently able to run 853x480 downscale with 30FPS on 650 Bitrate without problems but the stream no matter the game is heavely pixleated, i have 1.07mbps in up-speed here...
  11. Suslik V

    Phos Light theme 2018-02-20

    Phos Light theme for OBS Studio UI. Greenish theme for OBS Studio (v21.0.1 and up). Phos Light as 7z archive: Phos Light.7z (~0.4 MBytes) archive MD5: A679C64A79660AF641CFC9031C4104C7 archive SHA256: 8883899351C6964739A4D401A22CFED7811A37EE4F191092162F43F44CF25790 How to install? Open OBS...
  12. Suslik V

    Phos theme 2018-02-20

    Phos theme for OBS Studio UI. Dark but still greenish theme for OBS Studio (v21.0.1 and up). Phos as 7z archive: Phos.7z (~0.4 MBytes) archive MD5: E197B1EF943E8E0D3A96C44FE503F0C1 archive SHA256: D440F87A48A656DEA922177E9CDD74207A46746C36549BB6942901822B184593 How to install? Open OBS...
  13. luckydye

    Flat Dark Theme 1.6.3

    A Flat Dark Theme for OBS Studio. How to install 1. Drag the zip file into your OBS Studio Theme Folder (...\obs-studio\data\obs-studio\themes). 2. Unpack files into the Themes folder. For latest changes download from Github
  14. H

    Question / Help Insane (OBS) frame drop when tabbed into a game

    I've been dealing with issue for months. Whenever I have a game running (as an example PUBG) and I am tabbed into the game, OBS instantly drops frames. If I tab out of the game (though the game is still running and being captured in OBS), frames are normal and running smoothly. I've tried...
  15. avrona

    Question / Help Black Screen When Trying to Use "Display Capture"

    Whenever I try to record my monitor using display capture, all get in the preview and final file are a black screen. However the preview in display capture properties window is correct. Anyone know how to fix tihs?