1. R

    Glitchy video speeds

    Hi, I'm an inexperienced user. I'm trying to use OBS to record demos of guitar amps. The issue I'm having is with glitchy video when recording. Presonus Firestudio Project firewire audio interface 2013 MBP running OSX 10.14.6 Logitech C920 interface I've been experiencing problems with...
  2. J

    macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 - "No properties available" Display Capture.

    Hey yall, As the title reads, I've been unable to set a display capture - the goal is to Livestream and have 1/2 the screen showing my face, the other half showing my desktop where I'll be going over PDFs and scholarly literature. Any help would be greatly appreciated. FWIW, I'm using an...
  3. M

    Virtual Camera not working anywhere, plz help.

    Hi, newbie here! Here's the thing: I want to use OBS only for the virtual camera, and when I click on "Start Virtual Cam", it looks like is running well on OBS but nothing happens in the other app (Webex, Teams, Zoom...). I can select OBS as webcam in the other apps, but I can only see a picture...
  4. L

    2019 MacBook Pro Losing battery while streaming.

    Hello, I've been using OBS to stream different events for about a year now. Lately I've noticed that my Mac is loosing battery faster than it can charge while streaming. My events are usually around 2-3 hours but I have some bigger/longer events coming up this summer and now I'm starting to get...
  5. J

    HLS to YouTube

    Hello, having struggles getting OBS to YouTube via HLS. Are there any guides or best practices that I can read through to walk me through settings on the YouTube and OBS ends? Thanks in advance
  6. W

    Browser source CustomCSS not visible to Javascript?

    I'm working on a CSS Animation, and I'd like to set some parameters in the Custom CSS properties field of the Browser source. If I have this in the Custom CSS field of the Browser source's properties: body { --name: "My Name" ; --name-color: orange ; } I can access the CSS variables in the...
  7. E

    OBS crashes at launch (MacOS)

    Hi, I downloaded OBS on a new Macbook pro (13 M1 16gb) I ran some tests, it was working perfectly, until its first crash. it launches and crashes automatically since. Here the link to the report
  8. K

    OBS Camera Recording Quality

    Hi, I'm trying to record fitness videos using my iPhone and OBS camera, the quality and lag are a huge issue. Has anybody got the recommended settings? I'm using: iPhone 12 Pro - 4k 24FPS - connected via USB C to Thunderbolt port Rode Wireless Go MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3...
  9. K

    Dropped Frames (Just Started)

    Hi everyone...I was wondering if anyone could review our log and see if they see anything out of the ordinary. We have only been streaming for a little less then a year and we don't have the latest equipment and it might be time for a new computer, I don't know. But we noticed that past two...
  10. L

    Not displaying minimised windows?

    Hi everyone, While using the Mission Control view on Mac, windows are minimised and therefore are displayed smaller on OBS. Is there a way to avoid that somehow? Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. S

    Regarding installing media controls to my mac 10.12. 6 sierra for OBS Studio

    hi I tried installing media controls from this link for my mac. It got downloaded but it was downloaded as an installer packaged file and I tried to unpack it doesn't work, I don't know how to do that installation. Kindly guide...
  12. C

    OBS Window Crash - Mac Air Big Sur

    Hi all, Im on a 2020 macbook air, running the most up to date version of Big Sur. Yesterday OBS completely fell apart mid-stream and I had to stop. Since then it hasnt been quite right. Today I found that when I click to open OBS from any location (dock, finder, applications) its opens for a...
  13. P

    Video Capture Device Lag with Mac Mini 2018

    Hey guys. I downloaded OBS yesterday and Im trying to get my settings right so that the software performs the best. I just want to share my screen and video capture to record tutorials. I have 2 x LG 4k monitors connected via USB-C to my 2018 mac mini 3 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5 Intel UHD...
  14. InnerHeroGaming

    Script Log Error Loading File Path - macOS Big Sur Version 11.2.1

    I'm running macOS Big Sur Version 11.2.1. I recently downloaded a few overlay packs from nerd or die and Own3D. I downloaded each pack and saw a few videos that mentioned adding the scenes to a folder you would not be moving, because if you moved the folder, OBS would no longer be able to find...
  15. G

    macOS Big Sur No video, crashes when switching to studio mode

    Hi, so for my work, we are looking for ways to stream remotely to a platform called UStream. OBS (and by extension Streamlabs OBS) are recommended by the platform for livestreaming. I thought this was perfect, because I have used OBS a lot in the past for both streaming and recording. (Quick...
  16. InSinkProductions

    HELP Please! - Mac - High Sierra - Crashing on open

    In need of some help. I have a couple of scene profiles. The one I use the most is extremely loaded. I had some troubles with crashes on exit. I switched to the lesser used profile and then back again. Now suddenly it crashes on open. Was streaming every Friday. So I guess my stream is...
  17. W

    NDI Crashing OBS With No Crash Reports

    For our Sunday streams we run a dedicated streaming PC running OBS and Reaper. We also utilize an independent MacBook running Propresenter 7, currently on a connected server we run NDI syphon to push lower thirds into our stream. Recently OBS has been crashing when utilizing a NDI source...
  18. asher_the_thrasher

    Mac Desktop-Audio using BlackHole

    This is a guide on how to get desktop audio into obs or other applications on macs. This will be done using Blackhole audio. 1. Download here (note, you will have to put in your email but that is to get the download link, if you would not like to use an email you can install using homebrew by...
  19. L

    Won't open 26.1.2 on Mac 10.13.6

    Re-downloaded OBS after uninstalling a few months ago and now I cant open this version. ive tried everything I can think of to fix it but every time I press the icon to open the program it tries to start up then crashes before even getting to the start menu. I have tried downloading older...
  20. D

    Mac: OBS not seeing ext soundcard on desktop audio

    Hi I'm sure this has been discussed previously - and hop you can advise please? I'm on a 2019 MacBook Pro OS Mojave OBS isn't seeing either go my ext soundcards native Instrumens audio 2 or Saffire 6 on 'desktop audio, but is on Mic/Aux (at half volume)... WHY? And any fix?? Thanks so much :)