1. C

    Bitrate fluctuating wildly when streaming to Twitch

    I am using OBS with the Apple VT H264 Hardware Encoder. My bitrate has been fluctuating though, going up all the way to 8000 and then back down to 1000. This is the Twitch Inspector: And these are my OBS settings: Is this normal? Are there any settings I can change to run my stream more...
  2. C

    Mac, OBS, Elgato HD60s audio issue

    we are STUMPED!! We’re streaming to OBS on a Mac through an HD60s. We’ve tried both Streamlabs and Studio. We’ve downloaded the elgato program as well as OBS link. None of our game play audio is coming through our stream, although it’s playing through the headset as per usual. What are we missing?!!
  3. K

    Window capture in mac os mojave bug

    Hi! When I use "window capture" in obs, the window appears in good quality but there are black bars wich sometimes appear ( approximately all 10sec ). It's like image jump but there only black bars wich cut the image. Do you know how could I fix this issue? I use "windows capture" because...
  4. L

    Plugin Linking Onlyfans subscribers and OBS

    Hi guys, I am a bit green on OBS plugins and hotkeys. Im wondering if there are any plugins out there that could link my Onlyfans subscribers notifications to my live stream. I am a cam model and would love to have my live subscriptions be seen by the viewers in live. Any advice is...
  5. Z

    Help! Application Memory is Full

    I updated the mac to big sur and from that moment when I use obs for two or three hours the mac tells me that the application memory is full, can anyone help me solve the problem?
  6. M

    Browser Source Videos freezing

    Hellow there... I have a big issue with my browser-sources. I can show pictures or graphics, animated GIFs or play audio. All that works fine but won't work with any kind of videos! They freeze after a split second no matter what I try but the audio continues! I tested it with OBS Studio and...
  7. O


    Hi there, I've been getting buffering issues or stutters. audio and video alike. touched every button I could think of. macbook pro 2013 running 10.15.7 ("game computer" i'm doing sound recording live with and without screen capture and want to broadcast that) mac pro 2010 10.13.6 OBS computer...
  8. Jitk0

    Apple VT H264 Hardwareencoder are working with Twitch?

    Hey Guys! I'm new in the Apple world and I wanna set up my stream under Mac OS (Big Sur 11.1) I getting a problem with the VT H264 Hardwareencoder there is no playback at Twitch, but the connections ist stable and sending a signal to twitch without any issues. Streaming is going live but...
  9. M

    Browser source, interact not working on MAC

    Hi guys, I have a problem and I can't solve it despite trying everything. Updates made on obs, on the Mac. Having to stream from youtube through the obs Browser function, by clicking interact to be able to use the controls, I am blocked by the youtube pop-ups of cookies. The page scrolls but...
  10. R

    OBS Crash - when changing scene collection

    Hi, I have a new problem occurring randomly today. Whenever i change from the existing scene collection to another or try to create a new - OBS crashes. OBS version - 26.0.2 Mac OS - High Sierra 10.13.6 Has been working fine, and the other scene collections are ones I've created on the same...
  11. T

    Probleme capture d'audio

    Bonsoir, je vous explique mon problème. Je stream depuis ma ps4 sur twitch ayant un macbook air avec obs studio, j'ai donc acheter un elgato hd60 s +. j'ai l'image de mon jeux et ma caméra mais aucun son sortant de l'ordinateur à mon casque. J'ai donc essayer soundflower et d'autre logiciel...
  12. J

    play back footage on mac is insanely laggy

    so when ever i try to record a video on a game the game its self is extremley laggy and the play back footage is even more laggy and i have no idea what the problem is. i tried everything there is to get better footage and i cant find anything so i came on here to get help...
  13. Tayzlor

    Grinding OBS on MacBook Big Sur

    Hi everyone, i am a broken man. i valiantly attempted to set up an obs system this week but it grinds to being unusable frame rates either recording or streaming on what I thought was a pretty good recent MacBook with 2016 MacBook Pro: 2.9 quad core i7 16 GB 2133 ddr3 ram Radeon pro 460 4 GB...
  14. 0

    OBS not recording when using AirPods

    I have tried everything I could find on the internet. I even tried using Streamlabs obs and OBS normal. but when I am using AirPods and attending online classes, there's no audio help will be appreciated because I really need to record
  15. T

    Mac Mini webcam disappearing

    I am new to OBS. I am using on Catalina with 2018 Mac Mini. Each time I restart my computer the webcam on OBS seems to be not working. By not working I meen it is showing in sources but is not displaying and it has become a small red dot. I have had to remove and then reinput the webcam each...
  16. M

    M1 Mac Mini Bluetooth issues – How to fix

    So Apple finally introduced its new ARM-based Mac models. With several upgrades in the specs and performance, the new M1 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini have received a lot of praise from users. However, like any other technology product, they still have some issues in both software and...
  17. S

    Video recording length is short

    Hello, I used OBS to record my screen. The recording length shown is just 30 minutes while I had recorded the video for approximately 40 minutes.
  18. KirbTails69

    Mac O.B.S VLC video player playback tearing

    Know any reason why it’s doing this? I just downloaded some videos to re record to correct a aspect ratio issue and yeah...
  19. ezobtera

    How do I do this properly with Zoom on a Mac

    Right now, my audio is not in sync with my audio. I am using NDI Virtual input to feed my OBS video to Zoom. However, my microphone is connected to 3.5mm adapter on my Mac and is set as my Microphone in Zoom. Because of this, the audio is not in sync with the video. How can I do this properly...
  20. C

    Firewire audio interface

    I have a Roland Edirol FA 101 firewire audio interface. I am running OBS on my MacBook pro 2012. I have created an audio input and selected the FA 101 as the Mic input. Although the input is selected as the audio interface I don't get an input signal at all. I get an input signal through my...