Best OBS Setting For Mac - Screen Recording (Not Streaming)


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I just need to record myself which I do via Camo Studio in OBS using my phone (let me know if there are better solutions using a wired connection)
And I need to have the video of me (Video Capture) as a thumbnail on top of my Window Capture.

I tried setting the video to 1920x1080 but the quality of the video was not good once converted to mp4.
I have attached my settings and was wondering if you could guide me to creating good quality videos.
A lot of videos on YouTube say to set the video to 1920x1080 but not sure how they are able to achieve good quality videos.

I am using the Apple encoder but my videos do not look perfect. Sometimes I get pixel squares on my face when I move my face around.
This usually happens more when I use my thumbnail video of me on top of the Window Capture.

I have shared info about my mac and my OBS settings below.

What would be the best setting to gain high-quality videos.

Appreciate your response and look forward to your replIES.

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