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    Question / Help My OBS Keeps on crashing after 3 to 10 when im recording

    Error: Texture->Map failed: 0x887a0005 0x887a0007 Your video card or driver froze and was reset. Please check for possible hardware/driver issues. This error can also occur if you have enabled OpenCL in x264 custom settings. That's the message I get and I can't find a solution. This is the...
  2. R

    Question / Help OBS worked perfectly before November 5th, now it can't record/stream for me

    I'll try and keep this brief. So usually when streaming or recording on OBS I can easily hit 1080p or 720p @60FPS with no frame drops and things looked lovely and clear. I use 2 monitors, both 60hz and 1920x1080p.My setup is an i7-7700 and GPU is AMD RX 480 (8GB) and my internet is wired and a...
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    Question / Help I recorded a video for a test in obs but i CAN T find it

    hey, I recently recorded a video in obs, but when I look in the files, I cant find the video Recording format: Flv Encoder: x264 I really need to find it, I can see the video in sources bu I cant open it, Its for a graded test
  4. P

    Question / Help OBS Encoding Overloaded

    Whenever I record or stream. I get this "Encoding Overloaded" My cpu is fine. It just does this on fortnite and roblox. I have a good pc. My cpu is fine. It doesnt lag my game. I get it then it goes away and comes back. When I stream. People say it lags too hard when Encoding Overloaded pops up...
  5. B

    Question / Help Want to get the right recording settings/ having stuttering issue when recording

    Thank you for taking the time to read this Firstly, whenever I record I get the game stuttering a lot and it also affects the recording making it look like garbage Please help, how do I fix it Secondly, I just bought a new PC top of the line: i7 8086K (4GHZ 6 cores) GTX 1080 Ti and a lot of...
  6. P

    Question / Help Help... Can't download OBS v22

    So OBS v22 has been out for a bit now, and I can't download the update. It won't auto update, and every time I try and check for updates nothing happens. I need to know if I should just reinstall OBS altogether or find another way. Please help.
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    Question / Help FPS Drop when opening OBS

    Hello! So I'm new to the stream business and OBS seems great, I just have this one problem where it drops the FPS of the games I want to play drastically. I play League and Dark Souls to start my game list, and they run fine when OBS isn't open. I haven't added any scenes, it's not streaming...
  8. I

    Question / Help Lost Footage! please help

    I'm pretty new at Obs, but all seemed well for a couple days until today. I was recording game play which lasted around 3 hours. At no point when playing did it say it stopped recording. i checked a couple times throughout playing if it was still recording and it was! So i don't understand why...
  9. H

    Question / Help My streamlabs OBS crashes without a crah log whenever i minimize it

  10. M

    Question / Help Minecraft isn't working with OBS!

    Every time i try recording Minecraft (keep in mind i'm using the latest version of OBS), OBS makes it go from (not responding) to responding, and won't let me play. I tried even adding the whole "activate Open GL" so it would work with it. But i can't get Open GL for rendering (i don't know how...
  11. O

    Question / Help FPS drop while recording

    Hi, I have a pretty good PC with a GTX 1050 TI and i want to record CS:GO and everytime when i have OBS opened in the background (not recording) it lags, it goes from 100 to about 20 FPS, when i'm recording it's just unplayable. Please help me.
  12. R

    Question / Help help please

    When i start the stream on obs then when i which my screen the to game obs when close on its own and stop the stream this just started happening today and ive been streaming for 2 mouths and this the first time ive have any problems
  13. E

    Bug Report When i Record it changes my Res

    So i Record my gameplay at 1600x1080p, when i go back to the videos to see if the quality is fine, it looks like it is 720p, can someone help me?
  14. T

    Question / Help OBS Recording Freezing

    I have had obs for awhile and have not really tinkered with it at all until now and in one of my videos that i was recording it was fine for the first 45 minutes and then afterwards it just became a mess where you couldn't even tell what was going on. I have a 1050Ti and the cpu is a ryzen 5...
  15. P

    Question / Help OBS not recording my mic through Gamechat

    So I am recording Fortnite, and OBS is recording the desktop audio but it is not recording my microphone when I am using the in-game audio chat to talk to my teammates. I can talk to my teammates and they can hear me just fine, but OBS is not picking up the sound. When I am not playing Fortnite...
  16. slayciel

    Question / Help Help! Obs won't record and just leaves error message.

    OBS keeps on popping up with an error massage, and now it wont even record game play...I just got it today, and was setting it up for a YouTube stream i was planing on doing in a few days, but the recording was really laggy, even though the game I was playing itself was running smoothly...Now it...
  17. F

    Question / Help I need your help! thank you!

    Hello dear OBS Team. I started streaming a few days ago. Unfortunately I am not at all satisfied with my stream quality! It usually looks like shit! Here is my PC : Intel i7 7700K Processor 8GB MSI GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING X 8G be quiet! Dark Rock 3 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4-3000 MSI Z270...
  18. N

    Question / Help OBS dont record in-game audio

    Sooo... I wanted to record "Amnesia Dark Descent" but OBS dont record audio from it... or some other games OBS can record audio from Darkest Dungeon, For Honor, Battlefield... but not from Amnesia, SCP, Rainbow Six Can somebody help me? Im trying to fix sound with amnesia for 3 days
  19. N

    Bug Report I start streaming and it stops after 30secs

    Everytime i hit stream it stops streaming after 30secs. I streamed for 14hours yesterday on w/o a problem. Today i go to start and it wont work....
  20. R

    Question / Help Only Display Capture works. Windows, Game Capture, etc. are all black screens.

    Here's the log files Couldn't follow your steps on how to post a log here so I just put it on pastebin.