Question / Help Lost Footage! please help


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I'm pretty new at Obs, but all seemed well for a couple days until today. I was recording game play which lasted around 3 hours. At no point when playing did it say it stopped recording. i checked a couple times throughout playing if it was still recording and it was! So i don't understand why the footage is lost. When i tried viewing the footage i couldn't fast forward, or skip. just had to view the footage that i did have straight through. So frustrating!! Can i not record for that long? Is there something to back up my footage? anything i should be doing different? i need answers :c my file is mvk. it says its 12.6 GB. i cant even upload the damn thing. Anyway you think the footage could be restored. it would really make my day.

Suslik V

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You may try to extract raw h264 video track from the file as well as audio track. Look for MKVToolnix util with GUI for Windows (or any similar). And mix them to new file with any tools that allow raw h264 input as video track. But if this track is really damaged the chance to restore the footage is low.

If you have log-file from this recording attempt (look for time-stamps), please, attach it to your post.

Also, take a look at this post as alternative to .mkv format writing: