Question / Help OBS worked perfectly before November 5th, now it can't record/stream for me


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I'll try and keep this brief. So usually when streaming or recording on OBS I can easily hit 1080p or 720p @60FPS with no frame drops and things looked lovely and clear. I use 2 monitors, both 60hz and 1920x1080p.My setup is an i7-7700 and GPU is AMD RX 480 (8GB) and my internet is wired and a nice 80-100mb download and 40-60mb upload. I had never had ANY issues with lag (previewing,during streams or recording) and I rarely ever dropped frames or anything. Used to be smooth as butter.

This was all great, until my birthday...

I picked myself up a nice gaming 144hz 1080p monitor and BOOM, *the whole thing has messed up.*
I've researched and tried SO many things but cannot seem to sort it. The new monitor itself works beautifully on PUBG, so the gaming part isn't effected but the stream preview and stream/recordings themselves lag and drop frames (doesn't tell me it does in OBS) and my facecam (Logitech c920) looks blurry,laggy and unclear too.
Both monitors are plugged into my GPU and it feels as though my CPU and GPU are suddenly working very hard (GPU caps out at 100 and CPU if encoding works pretty damn hard). I do sometimes now get an encoding warning at the bottom and lag more so happens when I'm switching and clicking between in and out of a game. Also if I'm using the CPU to encode the game quality falls more than when I encode with the GPU.

Things I've tried:
-Reverted back to old setup
-Uninstalled/reinstalled drivers for GPU and Monitors
-Added monitor driver
-Capped hz and frames and everything to 60hz and 60fps or 60hz and 30fps
-Changed OBS settings to lower things i.e. bitrate, output to 720p 30FPS, using CPU or GPU to encode etc.
-Used the OBS wizard (which tells me I should run 1080p 60FPS at 10000 bitrate!)
-Reinstalled OBS
-Used 1 monitor and checked my stream on another PC
-Fullscreen game, windowed game.
-Scanned for Malware

Things I've Not Tried:
- Throwing my PC out of the window.

If you have ANY more advice I would love to hear it because I've been trying for 3 days and I'm at a complete loss!
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!