poor quality

  1. J

    Desktop audio sounds very "shallow", low quality. Please help find solution!

    Hello, my desktop audio sounds very "shallow", and I can't find a way to fix it. It sounds as though it's being processed a whole bunch of times, or like it's being recorded from a smartphone microphone. I've posted ages ago trying to find a way to solve it but there were no solutions that...
  2. O

    Poor Still Image Quality When Recording

    Hey everyone, self-admitted OBS amateur here learning my way around the software and could use some help: I'm having trouble with still image sources I'm trying to include in a screen - the image quality of that file, whether jpg, png, gif, etc - appears pixelated and blurry when recorded...
  3. L

    Stream fine one day, choppy every other.

    HI! I'm relatively new to streaming. When I first attempted to stream, everything looked choppy (only in preview and to those watching, gameplay was unaffected). I stopped for the time being and asked my friend who regularly streams for advice. He helped with some settings and everything was...
  4. J

    Question / Help Recordings are blurry and patchy

    Hi, I don't exactly know what is the proper term for the problem you see in the screenshot of outlast 2 gameplay. I am recording at 1080p 60fps. Can someone please help me to fix those blurry things? I am using NVENC encoder. Thank you. My specs: Ryzen 5 3600 Nvidia 1660 super 16gb ram
  5. D

    Question / Help when run OBS the audio quality is poor

    hello in my pc i have 2 video card, the frist is a rx 5700 xt it need for excute game. the second one is a gtx 970 i use it for record and for handle the second monitor. but when i run OBS the audio deteriorates. I attach an audio to better understand(sorry for my English)...
  6. AnonymousDuck

    Question / Help OBS still looks bad even with max settings

    I'm trying to record some footage of some games such and R6S, Battlefield V, CSGO, ect. But no matter what settings I use, the recordings still look like garbage. FPS in fine tho. SPECS: Processor: i9-9900k GPU: NVIDIA 1070 RAM: 32 GB OS: Win. 10 OBS SETTINGS: Output: Output Mode: Advanced...
  7. V

    Question / Help Poor recording quality with Nvenc

    Hello, I'm having issues with recording using Nvenc encoder. While I used H.264 My poor performance while gaming is reflected in my recording. I was told Nvenc would help with performance and quality freeing resources from the CPU. My game will run normally but the recording will be a choppy...
  8. N

    Question / Help Video is recorded in poor quality

    I record video in a large bitrate and a resolution of 1920x1080, but after recording the video looks very bad. Tried to update drivers, put the old gtx1060 video card, updated Windows, does not help ! Here is log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/Vrm3dQE8Is-4riaI
  9. R

    Question / Help OBS worked perfectly before November 5th, now it can't record/stream for me

    I'll try and keep this brief. So usually when streaming or recording on OBS I can easily hit 1080p or 720p @60FPS with no frame drops and things looked lovely and clear. I use 2 monitors, both 60hz and 1920x1080p.My setup is an i7-7700 and GPU is AMD RX 480 (8GB) and my internet is wired and a...
  10. D

    Question / Help Poor quality, blur when there is movement, 6k bite 60fps

    Hi all. I'm having poor picture quality on live streaming. this includes blurring, lack of sharpness in details (written for example) and when the camera is moving. This also generates an enormous lack of fluidity. I play RPG with fast movement with many details and fast scenes that move on...