1. V

    Camera keeps flickering and glitching ONLY while streaming

    So my camera works pretty normal in every application other than OBS, even in Streamlabs! Whenever I press record my camera starts having these glitched frames like every now and then, but it's pretty frequently... is there something I can do about it? I even tried changing the Hz from 60 to...
  2. V

    Video capture glitching on Mac OS while recording

    Hello, Yesterday, I noticed the video glitching when recording on my Mac desktop. This hadn't happened before, so I thought it was potentially related to an OBS software and/or macOS update that I needed. So I updated both my Mac OS and OBS to the latest versions, which I'm running now. (I...
  3. F

    OBS Disconnecting and Reconnecting Issues

    For the past year, I've been having issues with OBS disconnecting and reconnecting. Recently, it got to the point that I can't even stream anymore. Not only does it disconnect and reconnect every minute or so, but the stream looks extremely glitched from the viewer's perspective on Twitch. I...
  4. S


    Hi, I'm new in the streaming scene and I have a lot of issues. First of all, I just can't get games to run smoothly, whether their from emulators or consoles the games always lag and some times even doing simple stuff like doing some tier lists although is not as bad as when I try to...
  5. L

    Artifacts on video (video and settings included)

    When I recording my video, game not lagging and all ok. But after recording, video lagging and have green artifacts. In logs error 'Device Remove/Reset! Rebuilding all assets...'. I checked my drivers, they are ok. Here my settings.
  6. F

    Obs Audio and Visual Error

    I have been using obs to record minecraft, and I've encountered a few errors. The most pressing issue is the video error. I have two sources which is a "browser" source that I have a twitch chat thing I found online so my twitch chat could be displayed in my recording the other source is the...
  7. Keanshi

    Audio glitching while streaming

    Hello, I'm using a wireless headset for my mic in obs, and I'm currently having bad audio glitches when I stream It happens every couple of minutes. My mic is wireless and is connected through a USB transmitter via USB 2.0. I am not using default mic setting either. Here is a clip of it here...
  8. H

    Dual Mac OBS NDI Stutter/Lag Audio/Visual Issue

    Hey team, I've hit a wall recently in my attempts to troubleshoot this problem. I'm getting really weird and random audio and visual glitches every now and then, no clear pattern or anything to them. Basically some of the visual stuff might freeze temporarily and other times it's audio that...
  9. S

    Glitchy video when laptop on power.

    Hello, when my laptop is connect to power using the adapter the video is glitchy. I tried using a different charger but the issue remains. This does not happen on mac. I am using black magic’s atem mini as video card. This set up works fine on mac but not on windows.
  10. L

    Weird Video Glitch on Stream... please help!

    Hi all, I am somewhat new to streaming and have been having trouble with a weird visual glitch when I stream. The glitch does not happen in-game at all, just on my stream. It affects my webcam and my widgets too. It isn't dropping frames or anything like that, it's just these weird flickering...
  11. L

    Bug Report Prores encoding does not work properly (Artefacts / Glitching in Video)

    Hi there, i always recorded with the prores encoder which totally work fine.. but for the last week this codec is not working anymore. (all the other codes work fine, but unfortunately i need the prores codec (converting it after recording is not a solution). Can you guys confirm that its not...
  12. MarxAthium

    Question / Help Odd Lagginess

    Log File: (20 Seconds into the Video) I've been having this really odd phenomenon happen causing glitching such as this in my video, and it also shows up in the preview during...
  13. W

    Question / Help Glitching Issue

    Hey first time OBS user. My plan is to use my DSLR to stream a church service from home due to Coronavirus Quarentine. So I have My Canon5Dmk3 with EOS Utility running, then OBS and so far I've gotten everything to work flawlessly. Now I'm not familiar with certain settings but during my...
  14. Grubzyyy

    Question / Help screen tearing/glitching

    hi everyone! I just started using obs and i streamed last night for a good hour and a half and no issues. Today it seems like as soon as I set up my webcam with OBS, it began making tears and glitches in the screen. When I thought it stopped after I finished recording, my screen went to a...
  15. Q

    Question / Help Green and purple pixels. Help!!

    OBS records and streams this on my Mac. It’s green and purple pixels. Also in the preview for my display capture it’s completely black. Help please!!!
  16. C

    Question / Help OBS + Webcam Input Issues.

    I recently got a new GPU. So I upgraded. The card is BETTER than the last one. I think this has something to do with my issue because my set up use to work with no problems. I use Webcams for my main source and now when I load up OBS the Webcams feeds are glitchy/tearing/freezing. They are...
  17. ithinkianime

    Question / Help Recordings look glitched

    Hi. I currently have this problem where my recordings in OBS look odd and glitchy. It looks normal on the preview, so whats happening? Here is the image of what the mp4 looks like after recording.
  18. P

    Question / Help Glitching while recording

    Hello! I'd like to know how I can stop this from happening? When I record using OBS my recordings are full of little glitches, like a broken tv. You can see it within the first minute of this video: I figured it was because my laptop was too slow...