1. 1

    Bug Report HELP! OBS spying on me???

    Everytime I check the folder where the OBS recordings go, I see those hundreds of irrelevant recording, most of them are made when OBS is not even open!!! Is it a glitch or something? A virus? Trojan? Or something else? I've downloaded it from the main source. I had to uninstall OBS because of...
  2. A

    Question / Help Recorded video is chopped (see screenshot)

    not %100 sure but it only seems to do this in-game. I thought this would be a common problem but I haven't seen anyone else who has had this happen to them as well.
  3. ithinkianime

    Question / Help Recordings look glitched

    Hi. I currently have this problem where my recordings in OBS look odd and glitchy. It looks normal on the preview, so whats happening? Here is the image of what the mp4 looks like after recording.
  4. A

    Question / Help OBS freezes for a second or two ONLY during streaming

    it freezes the game and cuts all sound during streaming and its CONSTANT like... i get NO BREAK happens about every 30 seconds tho it feels like every 20... win 8.1 please let me know what other info you need, an.... be REALLY detailed...