frames drop

  1. RealRaikos

    Question / Help Minecraft dropping frames while streaming

    Hi, So yesterday i wanted to stream minecraft, but when I did the game massively dropped frames from 500fps to 50fps. I don't know what it is...? Can someone help me?
  2. Zerofold

    Question / Help Dropped frames - Internet is fine - PC is a beast - What am i doing wrong?

    Right so i am trying to stream and i have an issue On my pc i7 8700k @4.8GHz GTX 1080ti 16GB ram corsair vengeance 2400MHz connected through a cat7, cat 5e and another cat 5e cable ( all at different times ), i wasnt able to stream properly cause i keep getting problems with the internet that...
  3. S

    Question / Help My stream Freezes when switching scenes

    Ive used Obs for years never had any problems this is the first. I only pinned point it to one situation when this happens but it seems to happen when i switch scenes the whole stream would freeze on the last frame. Obs still says im streaming but twitch says im offline
  4. Aleckoco

    Question / Help Configuration

    Hello, I use OBS to stream on Twitch but I can't do that well with games like Overwatch or Fortnite (games of high processing), I can play it without lag or frames drops but in the stream it looks so bad (lag and frame drops), can someone help to configure my OBS well with my PC and my internet...
  5. R

    Question / Help Frames losing

    Hi i have a very painfull problem. OBS setup is not importand becaouse whatever i set up problem is still there. Low setings high setings doesnt matter. Im losing frames ONLY in twitch video window. In OBS everything is fine 0 frames drop. Doesnt matter what server i pick or what game i play...
  6. U

    Question / Help Decent PC but OBS dropping frames & decoding issues

    Basically I can't get consistent frames using x264 or H264. H264 is much worse than x264 for me, but both look awful as I get constant frame drops, I have tried everything I can to fix it, changing the YUV color space and color range, color format, bitrate, cpu usage with x264, obviously I've...
  7. O

    Question / Help Apex Legends FPS drops

    Anyone having this issue with Streaming Apex Legends? I believe the game may just not be well optimized or I may be doing something wrong, but I’ve never had this problem before. When I’m playing the game it runs super smooth on any video setting I have. But my stream is struggling with...
  8. S

    Question / Help Sudden frames drop

    Hi there, Today I've encountered this problem for the first time. As fast as I start streaming, the frames loss starts to stack. It happens even if I don't run any games at all. Here is the log:
  9. T

    Question / Help OBS dropping frames when its just open and lower performance on stream after windows update

    Log: OBS dropping frames like its the Creators update all over again.
  10. D

    Question / Help Bitrate/Dropped Frames

    (Logs Included, PLZ HELP) Hey There. I Have Recently Been Streaming Using OBS Studio 22.0.2 And I Use A Elgato HD60s Primarily With My PS4 Pro. Occasionally I Stream Gaming From My PC. The Main/Only Game I Really Stream Is Fortnite On Both My PS4 And My PC. I Stream To Facebook And I Am A...
  11. M

    Question / Help Smooth video, but sometimes stutters or lag

    Hi, I have been messing around with OBS for some 4 years now, but still I can't fix this problem after all my research. I have given OBS numerous tries but this thing kept bugging me. When I view back my recorded video, or I look at the preview, the video seem smooth at 60 fps. But sometimes...
  12. C

    Question / Help Why am I dropping frames?

    I drop frames when I play games on stream. I was wondering If i'm dropping frames because of my computer or my internet.