Question / Help Dropped frames - Internet is fine - PC is a beast - What am i doing wrong?


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Right so i am trying to stream and i have an issue
On my pc
i7 8700k @4.8GHz
GTX 1080ti

16GB ram corsair vengeance 2400MHz
connected through a cat7, cat 5e and another cat 5e cable ( all at different times ), i wasnt able to stream properly cause i keep getting problems with the internet that doesnt allow proper streaming above 2000-2200 Bitrate and sometimes even below
On my laptop through wifi the problem doesnt exist and i am able to stream at over 40000 Bitrate easily

Both were done with desktop capture to have something to stream

Using the NVENC is even worse

I have tried a hell lot of things and am not able to find a solution.
Reset the PC? Done that! Still exists
Change cables? disable wifi and only ethernet? use wifi instead of ethernet? Done all of this,
The laptop still accepts anything and doesnt cause any problems at all (using wifi or ethernet)
I think that it has something to do with my PC and not my internet as the laptop works perfectly fine
Using OBS Studio Latest as of 1st of may 2019
Lowered every setting, nothing
Max settings, nothing,
youtubers' recommended settings, nothing

Any help?

Also heres my logs