fps dropping

  1. K

    Streaming FPS dropping without internet lagging

    Hey, I've been streaming for a bit now with OBS and my stream has been extremely buggy recently. My frames dropped has been 5-10% each stream. I'm not sure if it's my internet or if it's my computer and fault here. My log file is down below. Any help means a lot.
  2. Y

    Question / Help Common fps value dropping

    For the last 2 days my spectators are complaining about freezing screen and I started to pay attention to understand what was happening. My internet values as bitrate , upload and download are fina just like my dropped frames, they're 0.0% . However during my lives I've been experiencing...
  3. thePHENOM

    Question / Help OBS Dropping frames and cpu usage is low

    Hello, I can't seem to get obs settings right to where the FPS while recording or streaming doesn't drop. OBS will be at a 60 fps but once I click in the game window it will drop fps to somewhere in the 50's and sometimes below that. Tried a couple different profile settings like main and high...
  4. S

    Question / Help OBS Running Perfect When it is the Active Window, But drops FPS to around 10 when play games

    Okay, so I've ran into a problem where my hard drive corrupted itself so I lost OBS, and I just fresh installed an SSD and HDD with OBS. I never had framerate issues in the past, even recording up to 60fps. Basically, when I make OBS the active window by clicking on it no frames are lost...
  5. P

    Question / Help OBS Preview Brings it to 13 FPS

    So pretty recently whenever I use the preview feature my recording FPS drops to 13. I'm not sure why this happens, as my system is perfectly capable of handling it. I'm only speedrunning Mario 64. I have the a log of me starting, recording, starting preview, then stopping. Here it is.

    Question / Help Turn Off Game Mode (Windows 10 1809 Update)

    Don't need help, just dropping info. TL:DR, Turn off Game Mode. Windows 10 1809 re-enabled Game Mode but gives the user an option to disable it finally. I was curious about it and quite frankly I was astounded how much of an impact it has on OBS performance. Simple test, all I did was turn...
  7. J

    Question / Help Frame rate drops once i stream/record

    Right so i've had this issue in the past with fornite, which didn't get resolved. And now I'm experiencing it AGAIN with Black Ops 4. When ever i few my display though obs, it shows 60 fps flat. But, once i proceed to stream/record my gameplay, it suddenly drops, drastically. Is someone able to...
  8. K

    Question / Help When i start obs i drop from 130 fps to 100....

    Hello i have a problem.. when i "START" obs my fps drops from 130fps to 100 fps. Why? I just start the software and dont stream or record something. It cant be that only from the start I lose 30 fps.. i hope you have a answer for that problem.. other guys i asked they said they have no fps...
  9. Sasurame

    Question / Help I've formated my pc and now I'm losing FPS when OBS is capturing the game screen

    I've formated my pc and all my drivers is up to date, but idk why I'm losing too much FPS when the OBS is capturing the game screen (note: only capturing, not streaming at all) I'll use the example of League of Legends, the one who I have 144FPS when the OBS isn't capturing the screen and it...
  10. T

    Question / Help The FPS suddenly drop down in recorded videos

    Hello, I've set up OBS to record game sessions in 1920x1080 60fps in .mkv format with 3 audio tracks. No lagging problem during the record and the recorded video have a fine quality, but suddenly the FPS drop down at random moments for about 30 seconds and game back to normal after. I insist on...
  11. Y

    Question / Help Fortnite Stream Lags After a Couple of Games

    Greetings! Some friends have encouraged me to start streaming but I'm running into some FPS problems. I usually run Fortnite around 120 FPS with 1080p when not streaming. However, when I stream it would be incredibly laggy. Sometimes, I'll be able to stream and play the first game or two with...
  12. dististik

    Question / Help Frame rate drop with some games only when game is in focus

    So recently I've been having a little trouble streaming games I used to have no problem with. As of the most recent OBS update, with only some games my frame rate will drop (the video's frame rate itself will go down, I'm not dropping any frames) when that game is in focus. When the game is out...
  13. Mateus Ribeiro Bossa

    Question / Help FPS Drop, good PC

    Hi, so first off all I'll tell you my pc Specs CPU: Intel Core I7-7700 Memory: 8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2400Mhz GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Windforce I stream League of Legends, and I use Vsync (75Hz), and most of the time it stays at 75Hz, but when a teamfight (a lot of things...
  14. C

    Question / Help Please help me with some advice

    Hy guys i have a problem with my obs after 12 minutes or so of streaming or recording I notice a lot of lag in my video please help me
  15. G

    Question / Help Looking For Help/Feedback With Settings

    Ok so, in the last few days my OBS has started MASSIVELY dropping FPS on MOST games I play/ try to stream, frames seem to be 100% fine in this scenario. Currently I have no idea how or what is happening, but after taking a look at it I have noted that even in the lowest of settings it still...
  16. G

    Question / Help Low Frames in Recording but not in gameplay

    I've been using OBS for about a year now, and I've had it on two different computers, an old laptop and a fairly good PC. I am currently using a decency of a PC, and I have no problem gaming, but I can't record without it having about 15-25 FPS. The only game I am able to play is ROBLOX...
  17. C

    Question / Help Why am I dropping frames?

    I drop frames when I play games on stream. I was wondering If i'm dropping frames because of my computer or my internet.