Question / Help I've formated my pc and now I'm losing FPS when OBS is capturing the game screen


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I've formated my pc and all my drivers is up to date, but idk why I'm losing too much FPS when the OBS is capturing the game screen (note: only capturing, not streaming at all)

I'll use the example of League of Legends, the one who I have 144FPS when the OBS isn't capturing the screen and it drops to 56FPS when capturing (and shutter like 20FPS).

Before format, I has 88~111 FPS in game, streaming (and looks fluid).

I've tried so many things and I'm losing the hope of continue streaming. I can't buy a new pc right now, I'm poor. :/

Also, I have a clip of my stream and you guys can see how was my FPS before formating the Windows.

Help me guys, please!!!
Thanks a lot,



PC Specs:
Proc: FX-6300 @3.5GHz
Vid: GTX 1050Ti 4GB
Mem: HyperX Fury 8GB at 1333MHz
HD: 500GB Sata
Motherboard: GA-78LMT-S2

EDIT: My last log is attatched.


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