dropping frames

  1. B

    9700k-@turbo 2080-Stock 16gb 3000mhz Encoder Overload Issue!

    I have been trying to stream recently however my computer is being a pain in the rear. I am not to sure what the problem is, turned down all my overclocks on my GPU and power limits, ran benchmarks for stability and I cant seem to figure out what's going on here. back in the day OBS studio...
  2. Mikkel-Github

    Dropping frames when changing scenes

    I have an i9-10900F, RTX 2070 Super and 16GB of ram. I only drop 1-4 frames every time I change scenes but it annoys me because this setup should be more than powerful enough. Looking at my pc's resources: CPU: 8-12% changing scenes: 20% GPU: core: 20-40% encoder: 40% changing scenes: no...
  3. A

    Question / Help Streaming Game No FPS drops, but recording Game looks laggy

    So i have been starting fragmovie / editing again, and i have to record some clips with obs. Im streaming almost every day and When i look my stream its just smooth gameplay, no laggy or anything But now i try to record csgo, only with game capture its so laggy. When i put obs on main screen its...
  4. R

    Question / Help Dropping frames without a reason

    hello, (sorry for my bad typing english) so the title says it all. when i stream i will be dropping frames after like 40 min not in big numbers but starting slow and will rise to 0.4% and its really frustrating me here are some of my pc specs: Intel Core i7 7700 @ 3.6GHz 32,0GB Dual-Channel...
  5. M

    Question / Help Help Maceh Figure Out Why Frames Are Dropping

    Hello, My name is Maceh and I drop frames..... Seriously though I drop frames and can't particularly explain why without the thought of just blaming my crappy provider. From my own inspection of the logs I can see the obvious issue of "number of frames dropped due to insufficient...
  6. M

    Question / Help Dropped frames and bitrate jumping all over

    Was gone for a week on vacation. Boot up my stream and having crazy dropped frames. ISP seems fine What I've currently done to try and solve the issue. Updated OBS Updated GPU driver restarted PC and Modem Tried lowering my bit rate to 4k instead of 5k Got rid of lots of sources/files in my...
  7. D

    Question / Help Dropping fps and auto lowering bitrate?

    Hello everyone. Something weird is going on on my obs. So everything started suddenly one day without me chaning anything i was fine had my fps stable at 60. 0% dropped frames or any other issues. So nowdays my main game is Escape from tarkov. When im ingame im totally fine 60 fps stable and...
  8. Y

    Question / Help HIGH PING STREAMING

    Hello, I have a high ping problem when streaming with obs. My internet connection is 150mbps down and 15mbps up. I have 2 monitors. I am streaming one entire monitor which has 7 windows on it that I show in my stream, and also 1 game window on a different monitor (game is assassin's creed...
  9. V

    Question / Help Obs Dropt Übertragene Frames Bitte Um Hilfe! [ Obs Drops Transmitted Fps ]

    I fixed it Set your ingame Fps at 60 (locked ) than it will work
  10. T

    Trying to use a GPU that does not have an Nvenc to encode a stream

    I am trying to set up my old pc as an encoding pc but the GPU in there (the quadro 2000) does not have the built in encoder. The main problem is that the cpu in that pc is too weak to really encode a stream without dropping fames when something happens on the PC. I was wondering if there was a...
  11. camcam

    Question / Help OBS Dropping frames

    My game freezes on the websites end and says im dropping frames i think im encoding too high cause my encode said to turn down. Please Help. Thank You, TexasGuy / GamerGuy Settings Res: 180 X 720 FPS: 30 Video Bit: 1500 Audio Bit: 96
  12. Z

    Question / Help [Recording] OBS dropping frames when bitrate is <30000

    I record in 1440p 60 fps, in 30000 bitrate. If I reduce the bitrate, the recording will go to something like 30 fps. It still says the video is 60 fps if you look at the stats, but it is much less than that. The recordings are getting too large of a file size to be played in 1440p on youtube...
  13. P

    Question / Help Dropping Frames while streaming even a good internet and computer.

    I am currently experiencing an issue with dropping frames while streaming with OBS. I am not sure if I am experiencing his issue because of my internet connection or my OBS settings or my computer. Here are my current settings and setup: I have a wired connection with an internet speed of...
  14. U

    Question / Help Need help having issues with lag in my stream and dropping frames

    hey i have been using obs for more then a years or so and today my live stream on twitch was going crazy up and down so can someone help me https://gist.github.com/8f59f62533742634becbdf7f87e1d834
  15. C

    Question / Help Why am I dropping frames?

    I drop frames when I play games on stream. I was wondering If i'm dropping frames because of my computer or my internet.