Question / Help Dropped frames and bitrate jumping all over


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Was gone for a week on vacation. Boot up my stream and having crazy dropped frames.
ISP seems fine

What I've currently done to try and solve the issue.
Updated OBS
Updated GPU driver
restarted PC and Modem
Tried lowering my bit rate to 4k instead of 5k
Got rid of lots of sources/files in my scenes because I read that it was some sort of ffmpeg overload?

At this point I'm thinking of redoing a whole new scene collection to narrow down the issue.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

Log files



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Pretty sure it's my ISP at this point. Had a tech come out Monday and he noticed the fluctuation in my upload speed but like any ISP it's taking forever to get it fixed or a decent response back.

Twitch test results below. Bandwidth doesn't seem bad on the east (which is where I'm at). Not sure what RTT is. From what I read though the quality should be at least 60-80 for a reliable stream.
twitch test.PNG