delay issues

  1. R

    Help Reducing Lag with OBS / NDI / TV setup

    We're a church that's streaming and displaying live in sanctuary at the same time. We're having a problem with lag in the live setup, with up to 500ms delay between live and display on the screen. Attached is our setup, but a verbal walkthrough. 1) We have multiple cameras (2 NDI, one basic...
  2. R

    Stream/Preview/Recording Choppiness/delay

    Hi I'm getting some really choppy/bitrate overload. Not sure what it is or how to fix it.
  3. N

    Video delay on one of two video inputs

    I am planning on using a sony A7S3 and GP Hero 8 to record and stream. The a7 is what is delaying. Pre recording and recording I have the same delay time of around 1-2 seconds. I have at points on restarting and fiddling with settings, I have managed 30 seconds max non delayed video. I Have not...
  4. K


    Hi, I’ve been using obs for a while now and I noticed that about 15-20 minutes into my stream I noticed that the obs previous screen and my game on my screen are not matching up, like there is a delay. Dual pc setup btw. Only FiD I’ve had is restarting my stream which is very annoying.
  5. Deffo

    Audio is delayed during recording

    Hi, when I record a window on my screen, the audio is delayed. I read some threads that suggested to add a delay at the encoding phase. My problem is that the delay is not constant, it increases throughout the adding a fixed delay would solve the problem only for a small part of...
  6. S

    Delay Issues (Vtuber Avatar)

    Hello I have recently started using a program called Veadotube Mini to make myself a Vtuber, but as of recently, I noticed my mic is out of sync with any game I'm streaming by 300ms, I know this because I tested it with the Advanced Audio Monitor Offset Sync and it fixed the mic problem but it...