camera freezes

  1. E

    OBS 28.1.2 (64 bit) crashes game and freezes camera source in client.

    I've been dealing with this problem since last month. I've attached a log from a stream impacted, but there is nothing I can see of use on it, but I could have missed something. At seemingly random points throughout a livestream, the GPU will spike which crashes/freezes any given game and...
  2. tanokgamer

    OBS get crashed when I select Camera Resource

    After the last update, I am trying to modify the camera, but the application freeze and never responds. I unistalled and re installed the application clearing all the data. The problem persists and I don't know what can I do. With other applications let me select the camera that I need, but in...
  3. N

    My camera lags once i starts streaming, any fix to it please?

    Hi, I've realised an issue recently with my camera, when I hook up my elgato and start streaming with the camera on, it seems to make my camera lag a lot with like frames freezing here and there? But once I take off my elgato usb from the pc, the camera seems to work perfectly fine? could anyone...
  4. D

    Camera on OBS Studio stuttering when I open Valorant

    So I use an hd60 pro as my video capture device and whenever I have obs open, my camera completely stutters and it won't fix itself unless I close Valorant (doesn't have to be recording/streaming). I've tried other games and it never happens on them, only the moment valorants menu pops up. It's...
  5. Z

    Elgato Facecam freezes

    So i got a Facecam about a month and a half ago, but haven't been able to use it because I didn't have enough watts in the power supply to power everything I have plugged in usb wise and my 3070 lol Well i got my new 1200 watt power supply and can finally have everything plugged in and my pc not...
  6. andrewjt19

    Camera Input Freezes

    Hello, I'm not very learned in OBS and truth be told I'm a novice at streaming. I have set up a computer for our church for streaming based upon YouTube videos and this forum as guides. I'm running into an issue I can't seem to fix. I have a log which I'll attach and hopefully the error...