OBS 28.1.2 (64 bit) crashes game and freezes camera source in client.


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I've been dealing with this problem since last month. I've attached a log from a stream impacted, but there is nothing I can see of use on it, but I could have missed something.

At seemingly random points throughout a livestream, the GPU will spike which crashes/freezes any given game and freezes the camera source in client, but not in the actual live stream. I've clean installed Win10 a few times, rolled back OBS to different versions, updated all drivers I can think to update, updated BIOS, stress tested GPU/CPU, turned off all background apps I can find. I have lowered settings, installed VLC, Quicktime and made sure NVIDIA isn't using 3D settings.

Previous to November, OBS had been working perfectly on this system since 2020. Nothing changed with the system until the problem started occuring. I've tried in client stuff like toggling properties or size but nothing restarts the camera, or takes the frozen game (now closed) out of the display viewer, including if I switch scenes. OBS needs shut down and restarted to be functional again.

I'm unsure what else I can do, and before talking to a someone from a computer shop who might understand, I figure it's worth asking here.


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