1. A


    Please help me, how can I turn on the enable preview? :-( urgent needed b
  2. M

    Obs blackscreen on msi

    So guys, IM using MSI thin gf 63, i want to use OBS, but its blackscreen, i tried every way to figure it, but its No success. And i also tried other stream support, its also blackscreen. Anyone use MSI to and having this problem? Pls help me someone and give me solution
  3. M

    Faceit anti-cheat

    OBS shows blackscreen when I am streaming faceit with faceit Anti-Cheat
  4. Urslino

    German | Hilfe Habe Blackscreen aber nur in dem einen Spiel

    Hey und zwar ich spiele zurzeit " Battleforge " dies wird aber nicht von Obs erkannt bei Vollbild , wenn ich das aber über Bildschirmaufnahme mache geht das warum auch immer . Ein Kollege von mir benutzt auch Obs Studio und bei ihm funktioniert es mit Vollbild ich bin gerade am verzweifeln was...
  5. E

    Game capture not Working [black screen]

    I just recently moved over to OBS and did one or two streams with it and then tried to do one the other day and i couldn't get my game capture to work or my screen capture to pick up my game, I've tried pretty much everything i could find. Any help would be appreciated i already tried the...
  6. I

    Kamera und Capturecard

    Hallo Leute , Ich kann in OBS meine Kamera auswählen es zeigt aber schwarz genau so meinr Capture Card Hab meine Kamera getestet mit Discord und die Kamera funktiniert. Ich bekomme ton von beiden geräten ( Cammikrofon ton kommt an aber kein bild genau so bei der Capturecard game sound kommt...
  7. E

    Why my obs screen is black?

    First of all, I have a laptop (Lenovo B50-80 I5-5200U just with Intel HD Graphics 5500 , i don t have any Nvidia or AMD graphic card) . My screen is black when I want to record a game . On YTB i dont find nothing about this like why ? Im the only one without a nvidia or amd graphic card?
  8. M

    Black tittle (I've read the developer's post)

    Hi! I've already read the developer's post about the problem I'm facing (black sreen while recording my screen) but it's still not fixed because although my computer has NVIDIA I don't have an NVIDIA control panel. I've also already seen some videos explaining how to fix this and searched...
  9. goradPL

    OBS not capturing games

    Hello, So I tried to capture csgo.exe and it just keeps showing me black screen. I was trying to change from power saving mode to high prior and nothing. Please I need help
  10. N

    Game capture won't capture certain games

    Hello! about 2 months ago, i recorded my csgo gameplay with the game capture, and it works fine, but when i started using game capture to record it recently, it appears as a black screen for the obs. this only happens when i try to record csgo. Only csgo. i try the other games like dota 2 and...
  11. N

    Game capture cant capture any gameplay

    hello, for some times i record my gameplay using the game capture. mainly i play dota 2 and csgo. i was able to record csgo, but recently it became black screen when i try to game capture and i cant find the solution to fix it. so i try deleting the obs and installing it again. but now even the...
  12. W

    Black screen on display capture

    Whenever i try to record the second monitor the display just shows black screen on the game stream
  13. B

    Black Screen after recording

    Hi im so confused of what's happening on my obs. I've been using it for almost 3 years now and ive never had a problem with it since now. Everytime i record a game it displays the game in the obs but when i finished recording and stopped the recording it still okay, but when i open the video it...
  14. NoxFly

    Question / Help Can record specific window but not entire screen

    Hello, All is in the title: if I create a new source as "capture window" > Then I select for example Visual Studio Code, it's working. But if I create a new source as "capture screen", it's a black screen. I already searched a lot on internet, I watch youtube tutos, also about the NVIDIA...
  15. thedarkplays_mixer

    Need help with Black screen

    -I am having a problem Game capturing Cs.go. I have tried running admin and everything nothing seems to work here is my log. I have tried using 32 bit and uninstalling I play cs fullscreen and cant get it to work. -i5 7500 -gtx 1060 3 gb -16 gb ram 2400 mhz
  16. D

    Question / Help BlackScreen in my laptop

    Hi, i need help and i hope someone answers. i donwload the OBS studio and apear the black screen like this the update of obs and my nvidia are ok. after in my nvidia control panel add the obs to my program conf, and i select the graphics integrated like this. and continue with my black screen...
  17. N

    Bug Report Display capture forcing vsync and backscreen on windowed mode.

    Alright so I'm having some major issues with obs, first, I noticed that when I turn on display capture it forces vsync on my games and I cant play well, (I'm playing a browser shooter game btw) and since I can't use window capture with hardware acceleration on, I can't play my game at all, its...
  18. O

    Question / Help Black Screen

    So recently I updated my windows 10 laptop, and all of a sudden the obs studio is black now. I mainly use display capture and thats black. It was just working yesterday and now its not working and I tried all the steps to fix it. Is there anyone that could possibly help me fix this? And I even...
  19. K

    Question / Help HELP!!! Freezing and black screen while streaming

    Hi there! I’m a webcam model currently streaming on chaturbate with OBS and my Panasonic LUMIX G7. I have windows 10. OBS has always worked fine for me, but recently when I stream, wether using OBS or not, my picture freezes after about 2-3 minutes! The only way to get it to unfreeze is to stop...