audio tracks

  1. V

    Split L/R channel to track

    I have a media source (incoming SRT with stereo sound. Left channel is Italian commentary and Right channel is English commentary. Then I have two OBS instances to restream with Italian (L channel only in advanced audio) and English (R channel only in advanced audio) to 2 Youtube streams. If I...
  2. A

    Export Separate Files for Recording (MP4 and MP3)

    Hello I am trying to record gameplay. I have 3 total sources: 1. Display Capture 2. Desktop Audio (Audio Output) 3. Microphone (Audio Input) When I record, I receive a single MP4 file with video and audio. My goal is to receive 3 different files, 1 MP4 for the display capture (video only), 1...
  3. yuma

    Unreliable Sound Capture

    I primarily use OBS for clipping and it's included in my autostart with replay capture enabled. My setup includes four distinct sound sources: Game, Chat, Mic, and Music, all sourced from Steelseries GG. However, out of the five clips I clipped yesterday, four only had my game sound...
  4. Y

    Is there a way to exclude certain audio tracks from desktop audio while simultaneously recording them separately?

    This is a bit convoluted so I'm not sure there's a way to do this. But basically, I have my desktop audio and then my chrome audio on separate tracks. The problem with that is that my desktop audio track also picks up my chrome audio, which I don't want it to. I know I can forget about using...
  5. D

    Using voicemeeter (different audio tracks) has no effect on obs audio tracks

    Hello there, I recently installed voicemeeter potato with cable & cable A+B to split my audio tracks and control them seperatly (like Browser, Music, Desktop, VoIP, Microphone, etc.). Summing up the whole Voicemeeter setup. As in Voicemeeter I did the same thing with OBS, giving every Audio...
  6. F

    Only mic audio gets recorded

    No other sources in obs are recorded other than my mic. I can see the Desktop Audio green bar go up and nothing is muted. I run obs as admin, checked settings a bunch and nothing seems to fix it. I was using multiple audio tracks before it broke and they worked. I've tried changing the audio...
  7. R

    Recorded video does not capture separate audio tracks.

    im trying to get a video file that has seperate audio tracks within so i can edit them, but when i look at the video only one track can be heard. heres the video and some screenshots:
  8. Taser9001

    Issue with Audio Tracks

    I stream shiny hunting on Twitch, and like to upload the highlights to my YouTube. However, what I tend to do is edit the highlights, add memes, silly music, that sort of thing, so what I always do is record multiple audio tracks, so I am able to remove all desktop audio from the recording...
  9. R

    OBS, separate audio track but mic is still capturing desktop noise

    I record on MKV and remux it to MP4. I've also split the tracks(2 tracks). When I go into Movie Studios Platinum 17. The 1st audio track has my mic and desktop audio while the 2nd track has just the desktop audio. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong here. Is it because my mic is close to my...
  10. S

    separate audio tracks problem: only track 1 is being recorded

    Hello everyone, My friend and I watched this video, downloaded the win capture audio plugin and copied the exact settings to our obs. We both wanted to have three separate audio tracks: discord, game and mic. Then we both recorded a short video to test it. And it...
  11. F

    No mic audio when attempting to record desktop audio and mic separately.

    Most recent log file here. When I record everything on one track, my mic works perfectly fine. It still gets picked up when I set the mic to track 2 but when recording, the mic audio just disappears for whatever reason. I would really like to record my mic in a separate track so I can adjust it...
  12. M

    How to record separate audio tracks on Replay Buffer?

    Hey all! Just wondering if I can get some help figuring out how I can record multiple (3) audio tracks when using Replay Buffer on OBS. The three tracks I want to record are: - game audio - mic audio - chat audio In Settings>Advanced>Recording, I have tracks 1-3 selected, and under Advanced...
  13. zeushdlive

    Help! Twitch VOD Audio Track issue

    So before you pass judgement or tell me what I should or shouldn't do, I run an over-the-road truck driving stream on Twitch. Don't worry, I use TTS on the chat so I'm not distracted or anything. Moving on to the problem at hand.. First, you have to understand that I run my stream off a...
  14. ilias kapa

    stream multiple audio tracks

    hello. i am a new streamer on twitch and i am streaming and recording at the same time. to be able to stream my game audio and my mic audio ihave to choose track 1 or 2 etc. (if i choose track 1 for game audio and trrack 2 for my mic, my voice dosnt stream.) after finishing stream/record i get a...
  15. Krusty4President

    Having the Tracks routing table as a dockable object?

    Hi. Often I need to change tre routing of audio tracks depending on how many audio sources I need to record. Is there a faster way than going to Advanced audio properties every time? Can I get it as a dock you think?
  16. C

    Unable to save recordings (or even create them) using H265/HEVC encoder (AMD)

    Hi guys, so about 2 days ago, OBS decided to stop working for me. Specifically with use of any of the AMD-provided (?) encoders (H265/HEVC and H254/AVC), regardless of my recording settings it would seem, unless I just haven't found the magic combo :P TL;DR I have an AMD GPU & CPU, ONLY the...
  17. A

    Making separate audio and video recordings

    Hello! Normally when recording my videos I record my microphone audio with Audacity and record desktop audio/video on OBS. The problem I face is that my computer doesn't work very well and it is not super powerful. Having Discord, Minecraft, Audacity, and OBS open all at the same time uses...
  18. dergiation

    OBS doesn't store audio in avi file correctly.

    I like to be able to capture gameplay in a format that is ready for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Which is why I still use Dxtory. When I record with Dxtory the file I get in the end allows me to import the file into Premiere with all the audio tracks onto the timeline without transcoding, but...
  19. downthecrop

    Free Mutlitrack Recording Audio Remuxer 1.4

    With Twitch DMCA muting vods lots of people are going to be multitrack recoding locally. This tool can remux multritrack recodings into a new mp4 with a single audiotrack selected. Useful specifically if you record a track with only game audio and microphone selected for archival on Twitch or...
  20. B

    My live stream recording audio tracks mixed together

    I did my first live stream a few days ago and other than having to figure out in the middle of the stream how to have discord audio on it, it went great. When I started editing my stream recording in Shotcut, I realized my audio tracks were mixed into one when there should have been two: One...