audio mixer

  1. C

    OBS Crash when attempting to Pop-out Audio Mixer

    I recently have wanted to change up my OBS layout for whenever I am streaming and I decided it would be best to to pop-out my audio mixer and put it at the bottom of the monitor so I can see all of my sources in one window. However, When popping it out of OBS it instantly hard crashes. The...
  2. Y

    Audio Source Showing "inactive" in OBS Audio MIxer, but it's on and working

    I have just purchase the Vocaster two audio USB interface and using with OBS Studio. Got it setup yesterday, all worked great. Today I open it, and my vocaster is no longer showing in the audio mixer. I tried " unhide" and that did nothing. I check the audio mixer advanced settings and it shows...
  3. J

    Audio mixer reordering

    In the current setup, the mixers are ordered by name, so I change the first letter of each mixer to change the order, but I would like to be able to adjust the order by myself. ABC... [E]....[デ]....[マ]..... [chinese]...[chinese]...
  4. R

    Broken OBS/Windows Mixer

    I have an Problem with the Desktop-Audio Mixer I upgraded my system and freshly installed obs on my new PC. After I set up everything, I noticed when I turn the volume of OBS Studio/obs64 in the Windows Audio Mixer down to like 50%, my Desktop-Audio output inside OBS drops also to 50%. On my...
  5. A

    Audio Source not removed from OBS after deletion (Group Related)

    Operating system and version: Win10 x64 OBS Studio version: OBS.29.1.3 x64 OBS Audio Settings All available Global Audio Devices have been set to disabled (see attached photo) Expected Behavior after removing all sources, related audio sources should be removed from audio mixer list; after...
  6. H

    Control Scene Transitions audio to certain tracks?

    Hi everyone, I currently have a set up that uses scene transitions with audio. Is it possible to change which audio track to use (let's say, only to audio tracks 1 and 4), much like what you can do within the advanced audio properties for different sources that have audio?
  7. U

    Application audio shows in audio mixer but audio does not play in recordings

    In my scene, I have a game capture that goes to MW2 and an application audio capture that goes to MW2 as well, however in my test recordings theres no noise in them, but the audio mixer shows audio being played. I am specifically using an application audio capture because I don't want my desktop...
  8. phaelfp

    Shortcut for audio input in the mixer

    Can I control the audio mixer by shortcut, to raise and lower the input? Mutating or unmuting I already know there's a shortcut for that.
  9. gmoneyhoney

    Missing desktop audio in audio mixer

    Very frustrated!!!
  10. A

    focusrite usb audio device / OBS / windows volume mixer

    Hi, so like many others i have the same issue which to this day i don't know how to fix. let me explain. I would like OBS (pic2) to always record windows 10 desktop audio at 100% disregarding windows volume mixer (pic1) as far as i know, if your headphones are directly connected to the...
  11. johnathansmith1969

    Can some of the OBS Audio God's help me understand....

    Can someone please help me understand this.. I am NEW to OBS Audio settings and trying to learn / master them.. First let me say this is working prefect I just want to understand why its working.... Line 1 is my mic's coming in into OBS.. I was told to turn off track #1 only so I will not hear...
  12. E

    OBS to set up online instrument teaching all "in the box" - an alternative use of the Desktop audio stream? Other tried and tested setups?

    I have currently set up OBS to provide all the sources to Zoom for my online bass guitar lessons: the video part is quite straightforward (single wide-angle camera plus logo) while audio is a bit more complex, as OBS controls and mixes all sources and sends them to Zoom via VB-Audio virtual...
  13. I

    Audio mixer is lagging (dropping frames) on my obs preview and the stream/video itself

    i realize when i am showing the audio mixer the obs preview is lagging i dont know why, though, when i hide it like this doesnt lag. anyone know how to fix ? i realize that weeks ago the audio mixer was crashing. i mean was not smooth, though the video was ok at...
  14. R

    Streamlabs Alerts are being outputted but I can't hear them

    I'm trying to have consistent volume levels for my alert notifications regardless of the output volume of my stream. In order to achieve this, I have enabled "Control audio via OBS" for Streamlabs Alerts. In recordings, the volume is where I want it to be but I can't hear when alerts trigger...
  15. C

    Audio Mixer Missing

    When I go into OBS my audio mixer does not show. When I make sources and displays it still does not come up. I ask that you give my support in my problem. Thank you.
  16. H

    OBS Playback help

    Hi Guys, This is my first post. I am currently trying to get OBS software to work with a church mixer. Currently we have a win10 pc hooked up to a Mackie FX Pro 22 v2 board. I am not a sound person so I dont know much about the sound board at all. Currently I got the program to record but when...
  17. S

    Get OBS audio levels/audio meter in remote web app

    Hi, I'm building a remote app in Django (Python) for OBS. I'm using the websocket plugin to get information and control OBS. I'm trying to build some kind of volume meter, like you know from OBS. Afaik this functionality is not covered by the websocket plugin. I had a few ideas: use...
  18. android272

    Separate Headphone and Stream mixers

    Recently I had the idea of how I could mimic the Elgato Wave Link mixer within OBS. The way I did this was to add two audio output capture and in the Advanced audio properties I set one to Monitor Only and the other to Monitor Off. This gives me two sliders to control what my stream hears and...
  19. M

    how to make desktop audio obs studio as a recording device

    Hi Everyone! i want to make new device that i can use it in any program/browser for recording/streaming, and since i don't have a stereo mix in my laptop i tried everyting but no result so i thought maybe there's a chance with obs studio but didn't find the anwser in my search i hope someone...
  20. M

    Question / Help Independently activate or deactivate the sound of a video

    First of all, sorry for my bad English. My problem is maybe ridiculous but I don't find the solution :( I have the same video in two scene and I want to mute it just in one the scene. When I deactivate the volume of the source it happen the same in the second scene. You'll tell me that's normal...