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Hi, so like many others i have the same issue which to this day i don't know how to fix. let me explain.

I would like OBS (pic2) to always record windows 10 desktop audio at 100% disregarding windows volume mixer (pic1)
as far as i know, if your headphones are directly connected to the motherboard (computer) then this already works, but i'm using Focusrite Solo audio device with it's own audio drivers(pic3)
I can't just have the windows volume slider at 100% it would blow my ears off. Recording any audio from any application results in recorded audio being very low, since of course windows volume slider(pic1) is set at around 19%.

So in short what happens currently, is OBS records desktop audio at 20% volume (because pic1), then when i play recorder video windows itself (pic1) lowers the volume to 20% (again pic1)
I would like for OBS to have an option or default setting where it bypasses/disregards/ignores windows volume slider (pic1)


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