Audio Source not removed from OBS after deletion (Group Related)


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Operating system and version: Win10 x64
OBS Studio version: OBS.29.1.3 x64

OBS Audio Settings​

  1. All available Global Audio Devices have been set to disabled (see attached photo)

Expected Behavior​

  1. after removing all sources, related audio sources should be removed from audio mixer list;
  2. after removing all sources, when adding a new audio source, there should be no existing audio source;

Current Behavior​

  1. In step (5), audio source is not removed from mixer list;
  2. In step (6), there is existing audio source.

Steps to Reproduce​

  1. add scene-1 and scene-2;
  2. in scene-1, add a group source and a audio source, drag audio source into group;
  3. in scene-2, add created group source (from step 1)
  4. in scene-2, drag audio source out of group source;
  5. in scenes-1&2, remove aforementioned sources, check audio mixer list : affected audio sources are not removed (BUG-1)
  6. in scenes-1&2, remove aforementioned sources, try to add new audio source : there still pre-existing audio source even though affected audio sources and audio groups have been removed from every scene (BUG-2)


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