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  1. T

    Gigcaster 8/general mixer audio input and windows guidance

    Hello all, I rebuilt my PC recently so I could game and stream. My old 3080 and 10900K weren't cutting it. Went all out and got a 4090/11900K combo and bought a Shure Mic with a Boss Gigcaster 8 mixer. I'm having a h*ll of a time figuring out the way Windows 11 reads the audio input form this...
  2. R

    OBS and Wave link software compatibility issues

    I have been having a rather unique issue with wave link software and OBS software. I had everything set up, all audio inputs in the wave link software connected to a different app. Music, browser, game and voice all were connected and working fine in OBS. I did a stream and all audio was...
  3. S


    i have a new hp omen for live stream i have audio on my system from my mixer showing on the system mic cannot get to show on obs
  4. V

    How to select audio inputs?

    I have been experiencing inconsistent operation with OBS and my MOTU M4 for months. In the past, OBS would only allow me to use inputs 1 and 2, inputs 3 and 4 were always completely disregarded by the application. There is no way to select any inputs, just which interface, and it would always...
  5. M

    Feature Request for Mac - Add Audio Input by application

    Windows has this and I am overwhelming jealous that I can't add my Discord and Spotify set-up through my Rodecaster Duo from my streaming Mac to my Gaming PC. Mac needs the "ADD Audio Input from application window" like PC has. This seems like the only thing missing from being able to stream...
  6. F

    Obs virtual microphone

    I need to funnel my audio from obs to a microphone input. I've tried to look up YouTube videos and read the how to on the VAC Website. I am doing something wrong cause I never get audio. I've set my monitoring audio to the Vac cable. I have the audio properties set to monitor only for the...
  7. W leaks Microphone Input into Display Capture Audio Output is a tool to remove noise and leave just your microphone voice in your recordings. It works great except that it leaks the mic input into the audio output (captured through MacOS screen capture - Display Capture) on my Macbook Air M1. I'm using Ventura 13.2. Here are my settings (krisp...
  8. V

    OBS sees input from MOTU M4 channel 1/2 only, not 3/4

    OBS receives audio from the M4s inputs 1 and 2 just fine, but not 3 or 4. I cannot find any relevant settings to change, everying OBS is just generic "M4" without specifying any inputs. Is OBS effectively hardwired to inputs 1/2? Everything is seeing signal except OBS it seems. Is there...
  9. WolfKat

    Can't get MediaStream permissions in Browser Source

    Preface: I created my own web document that successfully asks permission for and uses audio/mic input on regular Chrome using localhost. It takes advantage of the transparency/alpha/opacity capabilities that browser sources provide in OBS vs. having a browser window open and using window...
  10. K

    OBS does not see AV Voice Changer Diamond (9.5) as audio input

    I have followed every tutorial I could find, which all say that in OBS, through File > Settings > Audio > Mic/Auxillery Audio, there should be a "Microphone" named AV Voice Changer (or something along those lines), but in the drop-down menu I can only see the options Default, Disable, and my...
  11. A

    Weird echo sound effect when using OBS only

    Hello everyone, i kindly ask for your help as i am new OBS user. When i use Discord or Windows 10 voice recorder i have 0 issues but when i use OBS to stream my mic sounds so bad like like it has an echo effect or something. My mic is part of a headset called Razer Electra (not the v2 tho...
  12. B

    Select audio tracks have stopped recording with out any indication of why

    So, I have used OBS for months now. It has worked great until today. I had stopped a recording to walk away. (not paused, Stopped) I came back after a short while and started recording again but, 2 of my 3 tracks aren't recording now. 1. yes, the advanced settings are set to three different...
  13. P

    Question / Help no sound from my sound card Fireface 400

    Hello I would like to use OBS with Mixcloud. I can't get sound out of my sound card. This is however well recognized in the software. I added an input track - then choose my sound card from the list. But no sound in the seen meter ! Thanx for your help. Philippe
  14. D

    Question / Help Use 3.5mm wired earbud/mic combo for Audio Input & Monitoring

    Hi - Is it possible to use a single earbud w/ attached microphone through my iMac for both monitoring and recording an OBS Session? If so, what would the settings look like? Or does OBS require a designated Mic on the 3.5mm line-in? Reason for asking - I use basic earbuds w/ mic on my Zoom...
  15. masakifujiwara

    Question / Help Cannot open the correct "Configure Video" properties. Razer Ripsaw HD audio problem. What I'm doing wrong?

    I have two problems : 1- The main one is that I cannot record/stream the game audio from my new capture card "Razer Ripsaw HD" in OBS. A viewer cannot hear the sound of the console I'm using (PS4 Pro) right now. Me, I can if I plug my headphone in the Headphone port (3.5 mm audio cable) of my...
  16. K

    Question / Help Odd audio problem. Looking for insight.

    So here is a clip on twitch to show that around the 26 second marker the audio suddenly becomes a bit jank > CLIP I think I'm honing in on the problem but I'm looking to see if anyone else has experienced this. I use Streamlabs Chatbot (formerly Ankhbot) for the song request function and noticed...
  17. E

    Question / Help Would OBS pick up a Behringer XENYX QX1204USB 12-Channel USB Mixer if its plug into the computer USB?

    I am purchasing a Behringer XENYX QX1204USB 12-Channel USB Mixer and was hoping that OBS would be able to pick it up as an audio source if it is plugged into the computer via USB? It would be easier to do that then to have the audio plugin via the web presenter I am using to capture video to...
  18. N

    Question / Help Zoom Q2n / OBS / Mac - Audio Capture issue - Q2n does appear as Device in menu

    I am wanting to live stream seminars to FB and bought Zoom Q2n linked to Macbook Air via OBS and following the standard online demo / instructions 1) My set up is as follows Zoom Q2n with latest firmware installed 1.11 Zoom Q2n drivers for Mac installed Mac OS is High Sierra 10.13 OBS latest...
  19. K

    Individual inputs to OBS from audio interface

    Hey! This is an awesome software which I have used for over 6 months but there is a small problem that I havent found solution for yet. The problem: I have my guitar in input 1 and mic in input 2 of my audio interface. OBS lets me choose stereo input (1-2) when both of those will get into same...
  20. G

    Question / Help getting desktop sound and using xlr mike as mike input at the same time

    Hey everyone! I figured out how to get desktop sounds in my video. I'm the using IshowU Audio Capture. The only thing I'm missing is getting audio from my microphone which is an xlr microphone connected to my audio interface. When I open obs settings>audio and set the mic/auxiliary audio device...