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    Question / Help OB-SOS : Recording Audio

    Hello everybody, maybe some of y´all can help me out my misery :( . I´m using OBS for the first time now and so far this has been a tuff ride for me, especially concerning recording audio. The rest works well and is easy to understand. Thats my setup: Gaming Headset with Micro (Plug, not...
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    Question / Help Audio Device not appearing

    My Audio Device "Audio Technica AT2020" is not showing up as an option in the pull down menu. My built-in as well as my Logitech C922 are both appearing in the drop down but my AT2020 is not. When I direct stream on Facebook or YouTube the device is selectable although it does not appear at...
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    Question / Help Audio Issues

    K so I've gone to this games support team and they say it's an OBS issue. So I am coming here with audio issues Ok so.. The game Darwin Project captures just fine. But in the game, I can hear everything just fine. But OBS refuses to capture a certain audio piece in the game. It captures sound...
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    Question / Help Audio Problems

    Hello, I have uploaded multiple log files, the ones from "2018-11-6" I'm not sure which one is for the "replay_recording" file but the problem has been ongoing so both logs should help. The log file from "2018-11-7" goes with "update_test" file, and is from after I updated OBS while trying to...
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    Question / Help AVerMedia LGP2 no audio in OBS

    Hi there everyone, I've been having a lot of capture card issues of late, due to an issue with my USB 3.0. So I decided until that is fixed, I would get something that allows me to play my PS4 through my USB 2.0. I bought an AVerMedia LGP2, but I am not receiving any audio from it through OBS...
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    Question / Help OBS picking up game sound but not streaming/recording it

    Hi, whenever I try to stream or record osu! OBS recognizes that there's audio (the bar moves up and down with the audio that's being played) but on my stream/in test recordings the desktop audio isn't there. My mic is being picked up perfectly fine, though. Here are my logs: 18:03:19.919: CPU...