advanced audio properties

  1. N

    Audio Channel 1 seems to record ALL audio, even when I have it set to separate channels.

    Hello there! I'm new but I couldn't find my specific problem. I've started using different audio channels using the Application Audio Capture BETA, and it works great except for one weird issue...My "microphone" audio is always capturing my game audio (just in a much quieter amount). After some...
  2. JooosBox

    29.1.3 Advanced Audio Mixer Channels Grayed Out in Settings

    Here's a log, just in case. I'm new to this so Idk if this actually helps: Basically I'm trying to record three channels separately on the same recording: one for game volume, one for Discord, and one for my mic. I've separated the inputs in the...
  3. S

    No option to add filters or advanced audio

    I have just updated to the last OBS because it was crashing every time I clicked record. But now I have no option to add filters which I need as I use the 'screen record' plugin to have my camera & the video I am watching (I react on my youtube channel) into 2 separate video files. I have no...
  4. P

    Easier access to advanced audio properties for audio source

    Advanced audio properties are hidden on right click menu on Audio mixer. It would be helpful if advanced audio settings are actually available on each audio source in it's existing properties dialog.
  5. M

    I want to create plugin for advanced audio properties.

    Hi... All. The OBS can't control advanced audio properties for all scene media source before playing media source and other. I have idea to create plugin control for advanced audio properties, include option volume, balance, sync offset, audio monitoring and Tracks. And button for set default...
  6. R

    Advanced Audio Properties - Monitor and Output when different monitor device selected in Settings/Audio

    Hi, hope I ma doing something really stupid... running OBS 27.1.3 on a Windows 10 (64) laptop Yesterday I did a presentation using a Focusrite 2i2 soundcard as the monitoring device. This device was set us as the Monitoring Device in Settings/Audio I had to go through all the Scenes/Sources and...
  7. Krusty4President

    Having the Tracks routing table as a dockable object?

    Hi. Often I need to change tre routing of audio tracks depending on how many audio sources I need to record. Is there a faster way than going to Advanced audio properties every time? Can I get it as a dock you think?
  8. C

    (OBS 26.1.0) How to have game sound still in the Vods

    Hei there How can I still have game sound in the vods? I'm using OBS Version 26.1.0 and the Twitch VOD Track feature. Ik that I can mute desktop audio in advanced Audio Properties by turning off Track 2, but I still want to enable that the game sound remains, but every other audio track should...
  9. A

    OBS have to toggle monitor off then on at each startup

    Hi guys, Firstly my appreciation. My charity group just did a 30-hour non stop broadcast over the weekend and used OBS, we were amazed at the quality and output we could do using this fantastic software, really well done to all creators, contributors, etc. Thank you! Version: 26.0.2 (64 bit)...
  10. N

    Did I mess up audio recording when selecting just one track?

    After playing with the configurations in Desktop Audio (right click) -> Advanced audio properties, I forgot it with just track 2 selected. This way: Now I recorded an online presentation, and it is without audio. I've tried to play the mkv file with VLC player, but I can't hear anything. VLC...
  11. A

    Bug Report Advance Audio Gain issue

    Hello If a line in from a sound mixer is a bit low due to cable losses etc then you have the ability in OBS to set the 0db gain level to something else. For example if you open the advanced audio property window then you can set the line in to be at +3db gain which in my case makes up for the...
  12. E

    Bug Report Advanced Audio Properties - Sync offset NOT WORKING MacOS

    Hi! I'm desperately looking for help. My audio is not syncing at all to my video! I'm using a Sony a6400 for video and it is connected to Sony Imaging Edge app, then I'm telling OBS to use that feed as Window Capture and I'm able to see it's feed on OBS no problem, there is however more...
  13. C

    Question / Help advanced audio properties - monitoring audio disabled by default

    Hi, I used OBS for 3 years and monitoring audio setting in the advanced audio settings tab was set by default on (i'm translating from italian): "monitor audio and send to exit channel" now it is set on "disabled" by default everytime and since i have to add many scenes on the go for my event...
  14. P

    Bug Report [Potential Bug] Advanced Audio Properties Not Working

    Not sure if this has been posted or solved at all but this seems to be a problem that I've found and confirmed a few others to have. In OBS Studio any adjustments I make in the Advanced Audio Properties do not apply. If I set a delay on my Mic audio I get nothing. If I try to monitor my audio I...
  15. S

    Bug Report Cannot Pan Audio in Advanced Audio Properties

    I am unable to use the Panning slider in Advanced Audio Properties. I shows up, but I cannot move it. I have tried this with multiple audio inputs without any luck. I am not sure if this is a bug. But that seems most likely. I came across this unresolved post in the Windows Support section, so...