(OBS 26.1.0) How to have game sound still in the Vods

Coni Zh

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Hei there

How can I still have game sound in the vods? I'm using OBS Version 26.1.0 and the Twitch VOD Track feature. Ik that I can mute desktop audio in advanced Audio Properties by turning off Track 2, but I still want to enable that the game sound remains, but every other audio track should fade away in the Vod. Do I need to insert a Audio Output Capture/Source? Every Help is appreciated.


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You need to use third-party advanced audio routing software like VBAudio VAC, or Voicemeeter to split your audio to separate devices before it goes into OBS.

As we cannot provide support for third-party programs here, there are plenty of tutorials on how to exclude certain types of audio (music, discord voicechat, etc) from the stream. You'd do the same thing, but for the track assigned to Twitch VOD.
Here's one example, there are plenty more out there with a quick Google search though: