Bug Report Advance Audio Gain issue


New Member

If a line in from a sound mixer is a bit low due to cable losses etc then you have the ability in OBS to set the 0db gain level to something else. For example if you open the advanced audio property window then you can set the line in to be at +3db gain which in my case makes up for the losses in the cable.

In doing this the gain on the main central section of OBS that shows the audio levels will show (+)3db. However the moment you touch the slider the upper level of 3db in my case reverts to 0db and does so in a single step change which is enormously obvious to your audience.

I suspect that the way this was intended to work is that if someone went to the trouble of setting a non standard upper limit then the level slider should then work within the nothing to the new max rather than nothing to 0db

Can anyone else confirm this behavior and then advise if this is a bug or by design?



P.S No log included I didn't think it was relevant to this issue. Latest version installed at time of posting this 25.0.4