audio gain

  1. G

    Low Gain in YouTube?

    Hello community! I've been using OBS for professional streaming for many years. I'm quite happy with it, great tool! (I made my donation thou haha) Nevertheless, I do find an issue while streaming to YouTube from OBS. I have the feeling that the audio is quite low in the streaming compared to...
  2. Richard Cooke

    How use different gain settings for each profile?

    I'm helping a church stream their services and events. They have a Sony PTZ camera and a QU-24 sound board. I setup a Linux machine to host the video capture card, and it connects to the QU via USB. The QU streams up to 32 channels to the PC. We only use two to send over "Mix 9 and 10" from...
  3. A

    Bug Report Advance Audio Gain issue

    Hello If a line in from a sound mixer is a bit low due to cable losses etc then you have the ability in OBS to set the 0db gain level to something else. For example if you open the advanced audio property window then you can set the line in to be at +3db gain which in my case makes up for the...