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YourDirectorAI version 1.2 - 12-12-2022
Bug fix: NDI does not work in a major part of cases, this happens due to how internal tests are NDI works perfectly.

Deprecated: algorithm 1 is now deprecated and is replaced by a new version of what is called algorithm 2 in version 1.0

Improvement: changes and improvements on some internal AI procedures, now AI switches are ultra-reliable.
Improvement: added tooltips, learn more about how to use the software just enabling the help button.
Improvement: some cosmetic fixes, the app change to a new icon.

New feature: new knob to fine adjust the position of the left or right camera.
New feature: TALLY feature indicates through audio voice how the switcher is performing in order for the user to not have to look to the screen to test, adjust cameras, or use them as a camera tally.