1. sneaky4oe

    Automatic Scene Switcher regexp isolation error

    When trying to create a rule to switch to a window with a set of special symbols there's a regexp error instead of rule creation Logs: https://obsproject.com/logs/cJAjyDBxnsBiXYZb Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11KzcEoNg-D0pCDJ4TDQdBbV3E3O-uJal/view?usp=sharing
  2. Rumdel

    Advanced Scene Switcher configuration file.

    Guys, hello. I have a question: In which Windows directory is the "advanced scene switcher" plugin configuration file located? Thanks for the help!
  3. SaveTheHuman5

    Free (With Signup) YourDirectorAI | FREE OBS AI Camera Switcher 1.2

    AI Video Switching. Switch your video scenes in an unattended automatic way, in real-time. Improve your live streams, virtual meetings, presentations, or classes. Save time on the creation of your videos. Add a pro look to your Webcam streams, or DSLR stream setup. YourDirectorAI works with any...
  4. M

    Preview and live scene switched using Roland V60

    I am new to using a Roland v60 switcher to OBS. When I switch between my scenes on the Roland, it changes in OBS in reverse, the preview scene is the live scene in OBS. What gives? Also just cuts no fade when it fades in my monitor but not in OBS.
  5. G

    Source "eye" switcher?

    Hello, im looking for a plugin to turns the "eye" on /off with a timer . I want to hide my Info Bar for 10 min and then coming back for another 5 minutes. I cant find a good plugin for that. Does it exist? thx Geschmeugen
  6. T

    Switcher Studio

    Is it any possible ways to use switcher studio on obs? I would like to use switcher studio on obs and add layers, clock and other media from obs when I stream sports events
  7. justedit

    Control OBS Studio like a video switcher with "VMIX Mini Switcher" panel

    Here is a small video showing how OBS can be remote controlled with a VMIX Mini Switcher panel (MIDI) OBS Studio 27.1 VMIX Mini Switcher panel OBS Plugins used : - OBS Websocket - MIDIControl - Move Transition - Animated Lower Thirds
  8. justedit

    Control OBS Studio with Loupedeck Live and switch sources inside a scene

    Here is a small video showing how OBS can be remote controlled with a Loupedeck Live to switch between sources inside a scene (and more things : lower thirds, DSK...) OBS Studio 27.1 Loupedeck Live OBS Plugins used : - OBS Websocket - Animated Lower Thirds with Dockable Control Panel -...
  9. cvhvisuals


    cvhvisuals submitted a new resource: OBSwitcher - Get control of your streams - iOS controller Read more about this resource...
  10. cvhvisuals

    Non-Free OBSwitcher

    OBSwitcher is an iOS controller for OBS Studio.
  11. F

    Non-Free CamController - PTZ Camera Controller (MultiCam) and OBS Swtiching 1.03

    PTZ camera control system that integrates with OBS to allow for control of 1 or more cameras from a gamepad. Multiple cameras can be control from the same game pad, as well as camera switching in OBS. CamController works with Axis Network cameras, ONVIF compatible cameras as well as cameras...