My favorite theme!
Mine as well. I love using this layout. ;)
I must say i realy like your design. I had the Twitch Theme befor but your is more ... Twitchy? xD

Ich muss sagen ich mag dein Design. I hatte davor das Twitch Theme aber deins ist mehr Twitchy? xD

I love it, thanks!
best theme i've ever seen
Didn't even know you can customize OBS like this, thank you!
In the latest OBS update (I believe OBS Studio 28), they changed some things around and the text for the Twitchy theme become hard to read as the font size has become smaller (this can be compared OBS's default Yami theme).

Is there a way to resolve this? I really miss using this theme.
Absolutly the BEST! Dark, easy to naivgate and should just be the default OBS theme it ships with!
Daily driver theme. Easy on the eyes and matches the Twitch scheme great! Thanks