twitch intergration

  1. derMiepz

    Twitchy 1.1.0

    About: This is a very modified version of the "Dark" theme shipped with OBS. It contains code snippets from the themes "Acri" made by @Warchamp7 and "Rachni" made by @Fenrir. Those themes are also shipped with OBS. This theme is mainly meant for OBS v23 and higher but should work with earlier...
  2. Buchtis

    Question / Help Twitch 'Activity Feed' panel missing - OBS 23.1.0

    Hi guys, I've just updated to 23.1.0 and noticed what seems to be a nice quality of life improvement: I've updated but this isn't showing anywhere in my 'Docks' section, anyone have any ideas as to why? I've uploaded my most recent log if that helps...