- Added a startup message at first start
- GUI Update.
- Edit function is beautiful now.
- Caught the bug preventing the program from not loading.
- Re-set a value that causes an unhandeld exception, it was actually important at first start of the program.
- You can check for updates now.
- Made the edit function little bit more pretty.
- Updaterate is restricted to 1-9 mins now.
- Still fighting application from not showing up bug.
- Removed trayicon
- Run on startup checkstate improved
- Hopefully the bug what causes the program from not loading is fixed
- Changed the way you generate tokens.
- You follow my channel now if you run the app the second time.
Note: You can only use the app with one account.
If you want to use the app on another account you have to delete the other connection on twitch first.
- Update GUI
- You are able to change your stream title now
- You can edit entrys now

If you encounter the program from not loading after reinstall, delete the Twitch_Switch folder under ....AppData/Local/Twitch_Switch
Run on startup should work now