Twitch Switch

Free Twitch Switch 2.1.9

- You can add a subgoal in your title now. Set your title for each game and activate "Update Title" Example: "Your Title - Sub Goal: $Subscriber/50". This does not work for the title in your dashboard, its not getting updated.
- Refresh button Host/Raid channels
Windows defender should not detect software as virus threat anymore
- Fixed bug where application crashed sometimes, when it modified a collection
- Community streams preview changes now instead of keeping the first picture the hole time
- Community-Streams more responsive.
- Changed the way your twitch api token gets refreshed- should not say that you have bad login anymore.
- Updated twitch dependencies
- Community streams improved
- Show your livestream to the community if you want.
- The position is based on uptime - longer stream means, better position.
- Improved performance
- Killed some bugs
- old counter was not a counter it was a bug
- User Online Counter