- Updated get follower endpoint
- Fixed Raid function
- Removed Host function; Its not longer supported by twitch.

If you have problems logging in after update delete the connection to twitch and reconnect.
It looks like people are having problems to run the latest build.

If the app is crashing after login.

Go to https://www.twitch.tv/settings/connections and remove the connection Tw1tch Switch by Discostoff
Go to Start Run %localappdata%/googly_eyes
Delete the google_eyes folder.
Install latest version
- Removed Go Live Notification, cause doesnt work anymore
- Auto refresh login fix
- Host/Raid fix
- Twitch Helix Api integration

From 28.2.2022 old Twitch v5 api will shutdown. Older versions of Twitch Switch will not work anymore.
+ Option to start minimized
Added some code to narrow down a bug that prefends some users from showing up online/community page.
- You can add a subgoal in your title now. Set your title for each game and activate "Update Title" Example: "Your Title - Sub Goal: $Subscriber/50". This does not work for the title in your dashboard, its not getting updated.
- Refresh button Host/Raid channels
Windows defender should not detect software as virus threat anymore
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