Twitch Switch

Free Twitch Switch 1.9

- You can put the application to tray now
- You can lock your last game/status now
- You can force to update your game/status with rightclick from contextmenu
- Some minor background changes
- The app saves a list of stream titles now.
Double click the title to select it from the list.
- Generate Access Token did not work anymore
- Changed the color of the theme.
- Bug Fix - when there was no connection to the api it caused an exception.
- I broke the edit function, should work again
- Changed the directory for the index.ini file where all the games are stored.
(AppData\Local\Twitch_Switch\Twitch_Switch) (Make a backup from your file and import after update)
- You dont have to enter your username anymore.
- GUI Update
- Bug Fix
- GUI changes
- You can search for games in edit form now
- You can use enter key to apply searched games