App crashed when u try to login multiple times in one session
The login process does a lot of damage.....
The new token last only for 4h, refreshing the token now.
I lost a bunch of new code and had to rewrite it.
The login process in version 2.0.3 is broken.
Fixed the login process.
There is a problem with the login process.
I made a workaround until i find a better solution.
You have to copy and paste the token from browser url manually for now.
- Bugfix: Windows Defender should no longer prefend the application to crash or stop "Scan Games" process.
Twitch Switch 2.0 will find your games now automatically. Its based on a global database now. The database with games is pretty small atm. So we need your help to grow the database with all the games you want to stream.
- You can run commercials if you are affiliate or partner at twitch.
- I guess its pretty now :o)
- WakeOnLan wake your streaming pc up.
- You can put the application to tray now
- You can lock your last game/status now
- You can force to update your game/status with rightclick from contextmenu
- Some minor background changes