Works as intended Discostoff is caring about his community & tool and is open for responses and feedback :)
This is great. Giving it 4 out of 5 stars because it would be perfect if the program could be set to run in the background without having to be launched and be open on the dock/tray. I know you can set the program to launch on start up but it would be nice if it was just a background process.
Thank you! I had it to tray first, but i decided to put in the taskbar, cause i forgot it was running or to turn it on. But i can give you the option in next version :)
Very helpfull tool to automate some changes on twitch while streaming, like the game you play or the stream title with it. You can easy raid with this tool too or run ADS. And Discostoff is a very helpfull person. Definitely give it a try. ;)
Great program!

It is kept very plain and simple and therefore makes the operation almost self-explanatory.

So if you stream yourself, this tool can definitely make your work a lot easier.
For example, it automatically changes your game title if you forget to do so. You always have an overview of the stream title and other details about your own channel. Hosting and raiding to other channels is child's play. Even with small mistakes or questions one is helped immediately.

For a program that consumes almost no resources and does the work for you, it's definitely worth a look!
Finally, after waiting for someone to create this Tool for so long we finally have it. Thank you Discostoff and the rest that contribute to it!

It was a bit confusing for me at first because it's not updating the title/game. Later I realised that it updates when I switch my Application to foreground as it was designed to (capture foreground application).

I was wondering if there is a future development where it supports other platforms such as Youtube/Facebook. It would be an extremely helpful tool to have this feature. Perhaps I'm asking too much.
Yeah i does nothing when you use the tool itself. Thats how i designed it. I dont know about the youtube/facebook part. This is my first application i build. It is really hard work to find everything out. I still want to improve it.