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Hey it is 700hours here,

This is yet another update, but this time with content that might be pretty useful.

The premise of this update is to include an audio router. This may be useful if, perhaps, there was music to play in the background but the broadcaster does not want to hear it though the audience should.

digital audio example.gif

It is a basic router that only routes audio within the program itself and does not manager other programs or audio sources.

Note that it does not work for ASIO as that so far always uses the default audio output device.

A new image on this program's main page shows the audio router dialog in case you missed it.

That is all for this update.


This is a release that has been delayed for a long time because I had given this program up for other endeavors. Now that I have acquired some more time and knowledge, fixing the critical parts of this chat bot program has become much easier.

With that said, here are the changes:
  • Visualizer background now automates creation of sprite therefore rendering it functional again
  • Wave form function disabled
  • Some auto-generated text files have had empty space handled better
  • All whispers are now sent as chat messages instead
  • Code where null attributes were involved should not cause crashes any longer
  • Text-to-speech properly uses the selected options in chat
Trotbot Visual

2nd Update:
There was a problem with getting the bot started. Unless you
had the correct Microsoft.Extensions.Abstractions.Logging.dll
file, which this current did not provide as of this 8 months ago,
it failed to start.

Since then, this has been fixed. The features are explained
at the "Commands" tab along with bot commands, which as

much are logged in a console window.

  • Loading the audio graph visuals doesn't crash when stress tested.
  • Sound effect removal is still bugged.
  • Updated a minor part of the chat room connectivity.
  • Abstractions.Logging.dll now does not crash the bot on start.