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v1.0a dev

Update 11/9:NEW
A dev version has been released (finally) which addresses most of the problems while not completely rewriting some of the less stable features. In other words a few of them have been disabled for now. More information can be found here.

What is critical in order
to make this bot work at all is the Microsoft XNA 4.0 Redistributable.

Latest news
The current version has a problem with responding to the server after using a command. This is being looked into and will be fixed as soon as possible. FIXED

Update 2:
There was a problem with getting the bot started. Unless you had the correct Microsoft.Extensions.Abstractions.Logging.dll file, which this current does now provide as of this moment, it would fail to start. This has been fixed.


The origin of this bot came from looking for streaming applications that would visualize chat for the stream. While this feature seemed out of date with Twitch providing the chat log history for each VoD, it was an old throwback to times of otherwise.

As provided in the tag line, this bot program features an array of functions both available in other frequented bots as well as some that seemed to be either pertinent or resourceful, given the context. For example, what is meant by regulars is that, after ten individual days of joining the stream and chatting, the specific user is added to a group called the "regulars." The effect is that the group provides added access to extra chat commands.

  • Rendered wave forms
  • Chat logger for window capturing
  • Saved chat message commands
  • Scheduling messages with option for chance to send or not
  • Recording mic input or speaker output
    • Users with permissions have this option via chat command
    • Text to speech message recording as well
    • ASIO supported
  • Command to send random quote from custom list
  • Extra group category known as "Regulars"
    • Extra chat commands
    • Automatically adds after 10 days of watching
    • Can manual add or remove as well
  • Logs which date a user joined the stream
    • At least from time of bot usage
  • Local music streaming via shuffled playlist
    • Looping whole playlist option, although reshuffles after first completion
  • Support for playing an MP3 from a URL
  • Two chat interactions
    • Swamp maze
    • Visual on-stream jump the gap scenario
  • Chat currency
    • Can be gained passively or actively from chat interactions
    • Used to send quotes or play sounds
  • Falling particle background effect
  • Optional alert or ping for when a regular joins the chat
Requirement: NEW
Microsoft's XNA Framework Redistributable.


  1. Super mod group for extra permissions
  2. Storing and saving scheduled chat commands
  3. Adding custom user images to chat logger
    1. Including Twitch & custom emotes
  • NAudio
  • TwitchLib
  • Like
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