Today I bring you the "Source Mirror" source and a bunch of fixes. The "Source Mirror" source allows you to create a mirror of an existing source which can have its own list of filters and can even rescale your source for performance reasons. No need to painfully work around a core limitation in OBS Studio anymore!

Additionally, the 'Blur' filter has received a much needed update. It will now work as long as the GPU is not broken, several potential crashes with it were resolved and Gaussian Blur now has correct colors too.

  • Improved initialization code to ease future development.
  • Fixed several possible crashes in the GS subsystem wrappers.
  • Fixed 'Blur' filter color being wrong due to non-power-of-two textures.
  • Improved 'Blur' filter error reporting for better debugging and support.
  • Fixed 'Blur' filter crashing OBS on GPU reset, better support for this is added in a future version of OBS.
  • Fixed 'Blur' filter occasionally just not working.
  • Added 'Source Mirror' source which allows you to add filters to a source without modifying it as well as rescaling it.