Said that non beta version would be free to download.

This software started out free and users took their time to learn and apply a lot of its functions (Myself included), later the dev decided to close the downloads and put it behind a paywall. And he said that only "BETA VERSIONS" are paid, full versions would be free. I called 1 year ago that no FULL version would ever release.

At the time he said that this was just a side side hustle so that was the reason that a full version would be hard to be out anytime soon and that he was getting blasted by help posts everywhere by everyone and doing it for free.

So now, after more than a full year and 1.166 paying subscribers (that pay at least 11€ a month.)

seems like more than 12.000€ per month is not worth enough to dedicate time to just decide to full release a non beta version (even if does not include broken being tested features).

Well, i cant judge, if I just cared about money thats the best tactic out here. Even if the software is good enough to be non beta I would just introduce a new feature that would be new enough just to keep calling the whole package beta and i would not seperate a full package that I would consider non beta..

Lets call if beta forever!

Smart move moneywise. But nonetheless I'm just calling out what is in plain sight.
Great filter, is there any way to use a moving background with signed distance field effects?
I find the source mirror to be incredibly helpful. I make a central source then mirror it to various scenes with different filters applied.
This is awesome and free. Especially "blur" effect.
Watch this to see more:
Video guide is better than text.

Cool stuff for all vlogers.
Seems excellent, can't wait to play with it a bit more. Got a brain aneurism reading the review from MotR
Awesome features! Waiting for upcoming... and thank you!
Does exactly what asked for, straight forward to install with wizard.
Just filters, tweaking. Done :)
A fantastic resource for both encoding and special effects. Thank you Xaymar.
Pure quality
Muy buen complemento, logre crear una especie de fondo virtual pero dejando que se vea el fondo real, gracias a la herramienta de fuente espejo.
El unico problema es que no se me actualizo a automaticamente, tuve que instalar la version 0.11 manualmente.
Version 0.11.0 has not yet been released as Stable. There is also no automatic updater, just an automatic update checker.
Keep going. I don't want this project to drop.
Used this a lot in the older OBS versions. Just wanted to thank the dev. Looking forward to the next stable release. Don't let the hate get to you. The people complaining about the "paywall" are the same people that would complain about buggy "unstable" releases if they were to download an alpha version.
Latest builds works as advertised. This is still an open-source project, everything is free and openly available to build.