Last official release (v11.1) is outdated for OBS v28 and v29. Updated from v27 after it broke for me due to age, and was horrified to find out just a day ago that the alpha/beta versions for v29 are paywalled.
The pre-built binaries for pre-releases are only available to Supporters, as voted on by Supporters. You always have the option to build from source.
I understand that the project deserves support and pre-release versions are for supporters now, but it's still pretty obnoxious and somewhat scummy that a release that had ALREADY been released publicly got put behind a paywall.
Only pre-built binaries for pre-releases, which cost money to create, were made Supporter only. You always gave the option of building from source
Dont Work for me on OBS 29.0.0
I don't know anything about GitHub and I don't know how to download version 0.12.0a134.
I found 0.12.0a134 works perfect with OBS 29... I'm sticking with this version :)
First of all thanks to open source workers for their selfless dedication, I registered and posted this comment just to tell people who are as confused as me: If you download the latest version (0.12.0b164) and obs 29 doesn't work, try 0.12.0a106
首先感谢开源工作者的无私奉献,我注册并发表此评论只是为了告诉和我一样困惑的人:如果你下载了最新版本(0.12.0b164)并且obs 29不起作用,请尝试 0.12.0a106
Works only in 29 beta 3, but not in full release OBS 29
Works with OBS 29.0.0 beta3 (Windows 11) Thanks a lot!
Doesn't work with OBS 12.1.2 with no sign of it even being installed
The system requirements are listed on the release notes.
Good when it works with latest version of OBS. Not working on Win 11 - OBS version 28.1.2
v0.12 will target OBS Studio 29 due to necessary fixes in that version. There will be no stable version targeting 28.x, only 27.x and 29.x+.
Incredible plug in for OBS. Even if all you use this for is better NVENC control, that's worth it alone, but is also only the tip of the iceberg here and just one of the many things this can accomplish. Be aware that some of the features added here require a bit more to significantly more PC resources to run smoothly, and that this is a very powerful suite of tools in general.
hey all.. working with M1 Mac, many of the built in filters aren't working,, scroll, rainbow effect and a few others
Shader examples are not guaranteed to work on all platforms, as they are examples to learn and extend from.
Works on Mac M1 Pro OBS 28.0.3!
When will it work on OBS 28.0.3?
When it is done.
no working obs 28.0.3
Excelente complemento !!
Cambie de VMIX a OBS Studio y con complementos como este me encanta y las posibilidades son infinitas
Pure quality
Problem I bisced about solved I just rereinstalled everything
NOW it's 5 out of 5 stars its just great

Prev review:
So I Use StreamFX and Move transition all the time but I ran into an issue:
If I set a move value's next move or simultaneous move setting that affects a 3D transform to anything else than none I get a crash report after I close OBS some things get saved some don't some filters reset some don't (^^^link above)
Excelent plugin. Works perfect on fedora 35. GJ guys.
Muy buen complemento, realmente util.
Muy buen complemento, logre crear una especie de fondo virtual pero dejando que se vea el fondo real, gracias a la herramienta de fuente espejo.
El unico problema es que no se me actualizo a automaticamente, tuve que instalar la version 0.11 manualmente.
Version 0.11.0 has not yet been released as Stable. There is also no automatic updater, just an automatic update checker.