Scoreboard Assistant

Non-Free Scoreboard Assistant 1.2.2

  • Added support for Twitter. You can now post tweets directly from the application.
  • Added support for Twitch. You can now update your stream status/game, as well as run ads directly from the application. If you right click the "Run Ad" button, you can select between 30/60/90 second ads. The program will also monitor your follower and viewer counts; as well as keep a running tally of your peak viewer count from the session.
  • Moved context menu controls on tabs away from the "Save" button. I didn't like having some of these features behind two clicks, so I gave them their own buttons.
  • Removed Text 5/6 from the Text Fields tab type. 6 combo boxes were just too many and led to many cases of scrolling overflow. Having less boxes will reduce this occurrence.
  • Added an "About" window which has version information.
  • Changed a lot of icons so everything is more uniform.
  • Added Drag & Drop support for tabs.
  • Changed a few icons within the app to make it more uniform.
  • Added full Hitbox.TV API support! The only thing not working is ad-serving, since Hitbox does not currently expose a way to do that through their API.
I still don't have any Twitch.TV or Twitter API support. I know absolutely nothing about how to get OAuth2.0 working in WPF C#... so if anyone wants to give me a hand with it, just let me know!

Anyone who purchased the old XSplit Panel Writer 2 after March 2014, will automatically be receiving future updates of this application (via email) free of charge! If you appreciate the new version and still wish to support it, feel free to donate!